Operations continue: National Party acts like Al-Shams and Al-Badar of Bangladesh. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement says that Pakistani forces are committing atrocities on innocent Baloch people, so there is incremental increase in its cruelties with every passing day. Pakistan's army, it's intelligence agencies and other law eenforcement forces have now on adopted a new strategy of collective punishment policy. After targeting political workers, social activities, teachers and students, now the forces are punishing the families of political activities. Thus, this perilous phenomenon shaping in an ugly turn; Pakistan's Army and its security forces are engaged in gross violation of human rights across Balochistan.

The spokesman stated that, at this time all Balochistan is at the mercy of Pakistan's Army— thousands of Baloch are martyred and thousands are languishing in Pakistani torture cells. Even the situation is worst; now they are abducting octogenarian, women and children on daily basis. A similar operation is continued in Kharan, Mashkay, Kolwah, Panjgur, Turbat and Gwadar. Amid operations, military is burning crops, looting and then razing houses in these areas.

The spokesman informed, today security forces have abducted more than 20 civilians from Maher area of Mand. “It is jeopardy, the number of abductees much be higher, likely forces would kill and dump them, as it has been a prevalent practice for years”. He stated that abductees either “remain missing like Dr. Din Mohammad, Ghafoor Baloch, Ramzan Baloch, Zakir Majeed and thousands of other innocent Baloch or killed during torture.” He added that forces also set several houses on fire in Mand and Kharan.

The spokesman makes it clear that National Party is directly involved in recent waves of operations in Balochistan. As Dr. Malik had suggested a “Swat like operation in Balochistan”.

He appealed to International Human rights organizations to deter and chain Pakistan for its gross human rights violations in Balochistan, otherwise, there will be rule of jungle, and Baloch nation will extinct to the face of earth. He said that Pakistan considers international laws inactive and meaningless, therefore it is taking the silence of International organizations for granted and a tactic approval to continue the mass genocide of Baloch nation with impunity.

The spokesman stated that those who disguised themselves under the cloak of Baloch, now are being exposed. They are involved in Baloch genocide; in this context National Party's top braced leadership is working as a broker for China and Pakistan and playing the role of a black sheep in mass genocide of Baloch nation. Today National Party is acting like Al-Shams and Al-Badar of Bangladesh. But they should remember history will repeat itself.

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