National Party is a band of informers, mercenaries and war profiteers. Dr Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement Secretary General Dr Murad Baloch says in his statement that Dr Malik in his recent interview has made a fail attempt to clarify his role in Baloch genocide.“Dr Malik to avoid accountability before Baloch nation and history through surging off the reality by dint lies.” said Dr Murad, “and can't veil his party role on crime against Baloch nation.”

He further added, basically, National Party is a band of informers, mercenaries, selfish and war profiteers; whereas, its sole purpose is to eliminate Baloch national struggle and gain profit in lieu of shedding the blood of innocent Baloch people. National Party self-proclaimed defender of Baloch rights is an insult to Baloch martyrs and trying to evade the accountability for its crimes.

He said, National Party commissions are being recorded in annals of history. Recently, on 20th November Dr Malik had a meeting with Sanaullah Zahri, the puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan and Corps commander at Turbat, where he proposed for Swat like Operation in Balochistan. Dr Malik on 23rd November was in a top level meeting with Army chief in Quetta where they announced “Prosperous Balochistan Program”. The main objective of this program is to increase the level of oppression by playing a new series of bloodshed. Indeed it is an accomplice of state against Baloch nation. National Party and other parties are equal partners in state crimes against Baloch people.

Dr Murad Baloch said that Dr Malik in his Chief Minister-ship tenure sanctioned the genocide of the Baloch people in apex committee meetings and till today remind an abetter of state. They have confessed that they are at same page with Pakistan's army and intelligence agencies against Baloch nation. He added, Dr Malik terming himself champion of Baloch rights is nothing but a delusion.

Secretary General said that Dr Malik’s claim of eliminating death squads is a white lie and an attempt to mislead the people. Dr Malik and his party are follow suiting state strategy to redefine the role of death squads. Previously death squad members Shafique Mengel, Rashid Pathan, Barkat Talib and Saraj Raisani were directly involved in mass killing of Baloch people, ransom and other crimes. But now they have been exposed, Pakistan was earning infamy before the world and world organizations were taking notice of it. But National Party made a tactical move by bringing them into back seats and take the reign of situations in its hands.

National Party provides shelter and paint the internationally declared terrorist organization Daesh-ISIS and it’s affiliates, drugs mafia and smugglers into political colors, so that they could continue the mass killing of Baloch nation. Currently death Squad is killing Baloch people in guise of National Party.

World wanted mafia’s prominent figure and drug kingpin Imam Beel is an active member of National Party. Sardar Ali Haider Muhammad Hasni has maintained death squad under the umbrella of National Party. He has killed innocent people in Mashkay, Awaran, Jahoo and Gichk and paved the way for religious extremist group Mussala Defa. Recently Sardar Aziz the killer of many Baloch has come into the fold of National Party. In short, death squad in league with Pakistan's Army is operating across Balochistan under the stewardship of National Party


Dr Murad Baloch said that National Party accredited itself for making China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) feasible. Perhaps, CPEC project has caused to increase the Baloch genocide and thousands of Baloch people are forced to leave their places. Thousands of civilians are internally displaced and living a miserable life in Sindh and other parts of Balochistan; However, state intelligence agencies are harassing them there too. Pakistani army and death squad are abducting, killing and burning the houses of innocent residents. He added.

Dr Murad Baloch said that according to transparency international reports Balochistan government is the most corrupt government of the world which exposes the so-called claims of merit expounded by Dr Malik and National Party. He added National Party was allowed to carry on corruption for allowing Baloch genocide.

BNM secretary General stated that the issue of abducting Baloch has been intensified during National Party tenure where 20,000 are abducted in the same time out of total 40,000 missing persons in Balochistan.

Dr Murad Baloch said that National Party is trying to garner a political tendency that promotes to accept the slavery and cheat with own people. He declared that National Party has adopted a way that is inching toward punishment in future. And people will remember them as National traitors.

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