Pakistan enjoys direct backing of China in dirty war in Balochistan. Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement's Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch today on 5th January made December 2017 report public and said, “Pakistan is persistently committing genocide of Baloch people for many years, through multipronged strategies while using regular army, death squads, intelligence agencies, religious extremist groups and other proxies. However, this month Pakistan intensified its enterprises when, Ex-chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan Dr Malik who is a national traitor, met Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Bajwa, and other top braced officials in Turbat and Quetta where he suggested for ‘Sawat like operation’ in Balochistan.”

Dil Murad Baloch clarified, “The use of phrase as ‘Sawat like Operation’ is an evil purpose to mislead the world about current situation of Balochistan, and to prove a point that like Sawat extremist organizations are operating here, as well as engaged in criminal activities.” He stated that the motive behind such comparisons is, in one hand to win the trust of the world, on the other hand to establish a fact that National Party (NP) is the genuine representative of the Baloch people, and these operations are launched through taking Baloch political parties in confidence. But he rebutted, “In reality there is no comparison with Sawat operations because more lethal operations are underway in Balochistan long before such announcement.”

He added, neither, women and infant are abducted, or killed in Sawat operations. But it is a routine case in Balochistan. Furthermore, it is a well-established buttress against 70 years of mass genocide to strike back any raising international reaction.

The Information secretary maintained that there was no such operation in Sawat; in fact there were sanctuaries of various groups, that Pakistan time and again, declared them as its strategic assets. Therefore, a so-called operation was launched in purpose to mitigate the mounting international pressure and eschew from the lurking fear of declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. Whereas, Pakistan has onset military operation to counter Baloch national struggle—complete its exploitive schemes—convert Baloch population into minority and extinct them on the face of earth.

He added, “Pakistan is enjoying the direct backing of China in this dirty war, and Baloch nation is at same time resisting state terrorism and advancing Chinese imperial ambitions that turning out to be a hovering threat over the head of civilized world and would make situation more complicated if internationally responsible organizations take it lightly.”

Dil Murad Baloch stated, “Currently Pakistan's barbarities have reached to its peak. The occupying forces conducted 68 operations; 164 civilians were arrested and shifted to unknown locations; 34 dead bodies were recovered, in which 16 were martyred by Pakistani forces, 7 dead bodies could not be identified and 11 other reasons of death were unknown.

In same month Pakistani forces bulldozed 70 houses of Baloch leader Akhtar Nadeem and his relatives. Similarly, the houses of political workers were razed into ground in Gouburd Mand; more than 100 houses were burnt in other operations and forces looted more than two hundred herds. The military men also confiscated 2 tractors, 5 motorcycles and 2 vehicles. 35 persons were released in the month of December, among them 2 were abducted a year before, some were arrested two months before and rest of them were abducted during this month’s operations, later on were released after physical and mental tortures.

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