We invite all pro freedom parties for a political alliance. Dr Murad Baloch

Dr Murad Baloch said, “Baloch National Movement is willing to form an alliance with all political parties those are working on single agenda of a free Balochistan. National freedom is the most sacred objective, and BNM does not believe in point scoring or manipulation of situation.” BNM Secretary General invited all political stakeholders for alliance and said that BNM is always, struggling and desirous for forming a united front to make national struggle more vibrant and resist the common enemy more effectively.

The founding father of BNM Ghulam Mohammad Baloch always worked with same zenith for alliance of parties till his last breath; somehow, he achieved successes in his mission. However, soon after his martyrdom, some individuals sabotaged the process of alliance on ground of arbitrary decisions taken on personal likes and dislikes. Surely, it is high time for us to avoid from contradictions and split.

Dr Murad Baloch added that despite those sore realities of past, BNM kept faith on great national cause and always endeavored to find new paths of alliance and national unity. In this regard, the unmatched efforts of martyred Dr. Mannan are still fresh in memories of the people. He lamented, “Unfortunately these endeavors by BNM were viewed in the prism of its weaknesses. Similarly, some insensible friends, either intentionally or unintentionally tried to sabotage the process of alliance that caused disappointment among people.” He shed light on past mistakes and added, “Our purpose is not to demean any individual by counting them their past mistakes, and we are desirous to sort out the existing differences through mutual understanding and dialogues rather than media and other public forum.”

BNM Secretary General mentioned Baloch National Movement, BNM, is a democratic party, its decisions come from center by putting the desires of people in its priorities. He says that the decision that come from individuals are injurious to collective national cause and would only strengthen individualism, that is way BNM makes it policies clear to all that it will only negotiate an alliance deal with parties, and not otherwise.”

Dr Murad Baloch elucidated that collectivism is always more effective and supreme over individualism; therefore BNM is willing to make a political alliance with political parties. He further clarified that BNM is attached to a mapped party program therefore the possibility of an unconditional talk is impractical for time being, however, we welcome all parties for forming alliance with open hearts and can proceed on future talks by charting out agreed points.

Dr Murad Baloch said that comparatively, with past, now time demands us more for a national alliance. BNM, in this respect, once again invites political parties for unity. He added that we are hopeful all parties would solemnly participate and support us in the process of making a united alliance that is the cherished dream of all Baloch people.

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