We pay rich tributes to mother of Dr Allah Nizar. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement condoled the demise of Baloch national leader Dr Allah Nazar mother. He paid rich tributes to her and said that a great mother's death lets entire nation tearful. She is mother of all Baloch nation who begot prominent personalities. She gave birth to sons like Shaheed Safar Khan and Shaheed Ali Nawaz, and delivered Baloch nation with great personality of Dr Allah Nazar who is torch bearer of national struggle. He filled the vacuum of national buildings by institutions.

Khalil Baloch commented that alive and conscious nations always remember their national heroes. Today, thousands of mothers have sacrificed their beloved sons for the defense of the motherland, besides thousands are crossed swords against Pakistani occupation for a prosperous future of Balochistan. He observed that some figures would remain immortal in history.

Khalil Baloch esteemed that mother of this stature doesn't bemoan the martyrdom of her son, rather encourages her other sons to lay their lives for the protection of motherland. Whether it is mother of Dr Khalid, or Alyas Nazar, Sagaar Amir Bakhsh, or the mother of Baloch leader Aktar Nadeem Baloch who witnessed the martyrdom of her three sons, neither of them, never, grieved the demise of their beloved sons.

BNM chairman stated about late mother of Dr. Allah Nazar that she could not see her sons Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and Faiz Jan in her last days of life nor she met her martyred sons Safar Khan and Ali Nawaz. Surely, when the news of the demise of this great mother reaches to Faiz Jan and Dr Allah Nazar, they would, no doubt, feel their mother needed them in her last stage of life. But, they never expressed it. He added, she knew that her sons are in the line of duty for the protection of their motherland. And we pay a rich tribute to the courage and determination of such prestigious mother.

Khalil Baloch commented that an uncultured enemy would not even allow performing the last ceremonial rites t Baloch nation. On 30th June 2015 Pakistani forces bombarded a funeral ceremony in Mehi area of Mashkay, and martyred Dr Allah Nizar’s brother Safar Khan, nephews Shaheed Sulaiman, Zakir Jan, including 13 others. Pakistan made life hell for Baloch people in their own motherland. He hopefully remarked that Baloch land is not infertile. Till we have such great mothers, courageous daughters and sons would born and resist the any advancement of enemy.

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