Civil society and local institutions try to make the number of missing persons controversial. Dil Mu

Baloch National Movement's information secretary Dil Murad Baloch claimed that 40000 Baloch has been abducted and gone missing by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Several organizations and states’ departments of Pakistan, with will structured plan, are imbued in tampering with facts. At present the major truth is the acceptance of these facts is complete media blackout in Balochistan. The so-called media is airing only a given Pakistani narrative, and it is futile to hope that they would broadcast any news about Balochistan. British Broadcasting Corporation Urdu (BBC Urdu)service is the only international media group that somehow reports on Balochistan but it has a only one reporter whose access is limited to Quetta city; though he time and again, complains that he is not permitted to visit other parts of Balochistan.

He added, so-called human rights commissions and civil society representatives’ views are partisan about missing persons in Balochistan. They try to manipulate the facts and to defend Pakistan before International Organizations. Dil Murad Baloch said, similarly they outright reject our genuine facts by terming them exaggerated and means of propaganda.

The Information secretary said that United Nations and human rights organizations blind trust on Pakistan based media and human rights organizations is directly proportional to blanket the mass genocide of Baloch nation which is amount to support Pakistan's Army in creation humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

The world fully knows the Baloch history. And it is also crystal clear, the relation of Pakistan and Baloch is of the colonizers and the colonized; Pakistan has proved this relation with abductions, killing, burning and bulldozing thousands of houses. He maintained that Baloch are sacrificing their lives in formation of a free Balochistan. Baloch nation has doesn't put any hope on none of Pakistani institutions, that's way they tried to win the attention of the international organizations and get justice. But unfortunately, the responsible organization are failed to deliver justice; Despite this sordid fact Baloch nation keep knocking their doors for seeking justice against Pakistani occupation.

He said internet services have been suspended in Balochistan. Forces are trampling human rights under their boots, but the world is unknown about these due to inaccessibility of international media to Balochistan, whereas local media is at same page with Pakistani establishment in mass genocide of Baloch nation.

Dil Murad Baloch said that Baloch National Movement publishes a monthly report which highlights day to day happenings in Balochistan. He further added, “And many cases go undocumented because of inaccessibility to all areas.”

Information Secretary stated that Baloch nation also experimented elections and parliament that also could not ally their pains. Rather in return they received humiliation, deceit and cruelties; and parliamentarians’ positions were not better than mere audience. It is clear from the bill passed against the issuance of nationality to Afghan refugees and declaring census null and void, however Islamabad treated these bills as waste material and threw them into garages. These parliament members are elected, are those who are enjoying the support of ISI and follow the directions of GHQ. Therefore, the approval and consent of mass genocide of Baloch nation comes from this rubberstamp Balochistan Assembly. Sarfaraz Bugti on 26th August 2016 confirmed that 2825 operations that were conducted in between 2015 and 2016, 13575 were arrested under National Action Plan and Apex committee decisions. Prior to that in December 2015, Balochistan Home secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani admitted more than 9000 citizens were picked up under National Action Plan. Aftab Ahmed Sherpao in 2004, then Interior Minister also accepted arrest of more than 4000 Baloch. This round figure is more than 27000 which are missing till now. The total figure is estimated plus 40000 started from 2000. This figure provides the fact Pakistan has created a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. It makes the genocide of Baloch nation. These abducted Baloch are still languishing in Pakistani torture cells.

This is unacceptable to everyone and Baloch have decided that their salvation rest in freedom of Balochistan. This time media, human rights organizations and civil society kept silence, and Pakistan continued butchering Baloch people due to this silence.

Dil Murad Baloch stated that human rights organizations should come forward for a face saving attempt to highlight the issue of the missing persons. But unfortunately they are immersed in advertising state sponsored narratives and trying to tamper with figures and make missing persons fact dubious. Today thousands of people are missing, but they have no guts to visit war stricken areas and dare to interview any families of missing persons. And we believe they have no ground to talk about missing persons issue and they several times admitted their weaknesses.

He said now humanitarian crisis in Balochistan demands that international human rights organizations must inform the world about their inaccessibility to Balochistan where Pakistan banned entry to them that is a willful attempt to evade its war crimes. Information Secretary said, “Today I want to table some facts here that will clarify the worse human rights violations in Balochistan.”

1. Balochistan turned into a war zone. There is a network of military camps and check posts throughout Balochistan.

2. Political activists and educated persons are checked and abducted from these check posts.

3. Security forces can raid anytime and anywhere, so arrest and abduct Baloch.

4. Forces conduct operations on daily basis, loot the houses, later on burn them, torture and abduct men, women and children, a few only get released but most of them shifted to torture cells where they endure inhuman treatment upon charges of being sympathizers of Baloch activists.

5. Balochistan is sparsely populated. The majority of population resides in villages. Internet service is provided to only few cities. However, internet services are suspended in rest of Balochistan, therefore, the news about these operations are barely made public. Besides these facts, the families of missing persons face following hindrances.

i. The families of missing persons are constantly pressurized by intelligence agencies and security forces. They receive call and warnings. If they open their mouths, their relatives will get killed.

ii. Police always refuse to lodge the FIR (First Information Report) by relatives of missing persons. Even a police FIR is of no use, because the performances of Pakistani courts are evident.

iii. Iftikar Chaudary, the Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court is considered the most powerful chief justice. But he also looked powerless in missing persons’ cases. FC abducted Mohammad Khan Marri, a journalist, his brother Mohammad Nabi Marri and a friend Mehran Kiyyazai on 11th April 2011 from Quetta. A petition was submitted in Supreme Court for their release. Chief Justice was the head of Bench for the same case. DIG Shakeel Haadi and a police Sargent provided the CCTV footage which clearly shows FC personnel arrested and picked them in FC vehicle. On the basis of these evidences IG FC was summoned by court to produced theses three missing persons. But before the next hearing, the mutilated bodies of them were recovered on 28th May 2011. And nothing moved forward. It clearly shows courts are subordinate to security forces. And Baloch are disappointed with Courts.

iv. There are many far flung areas where no news of operation reaches to us.

v. If any fortunate is released, he is unable to speak due to mental and physical tortures. If one tries to speak, gets warning of re-arrest which mean to be get killed if arrested second time. Therefore, people are fearful to talk about their abduction at the hands of forces.

Baloch National Movement publishes monthly report of these abducted and killed people by Pakistani forces and provides detailed information of arrested, or released after days, weeks, months and years of tortures, to keep it above doubt.

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