Bolan operation continues; several women and children abducted from Raghai. BNM

BNM central spokesman says that Pakistani state terrorism is continued throughout Balochistan. The operation is ongoing in Bolan for some days, and several residents are abducted. He added that Pakistan Army only admitted the arrest of few persons; however they are not presented to any court of law. Previously, Pakistan Army claimed the arrest of thousands of residents but till now there is no news of their whereabouts. He added, “It is useless to admit their arrest or not, because all of them go missing to black hole. This is not only a tragedy for Baloch nation but a point of thinking for the entire world.”

He said only a few names are known who are abducted by Army in operation in Bolan, among them 40 years of Haji Aziz Sumallani, Jalab s/o Torr Khan aged 43, Jumma Khan Mohammad Hasni 75, octogenarian Peroo Mohammad Hasni, Appadsi Mohammad Hasni 42, Ghazu Sumalani 35, Akbar Sumalani 40, Teemur Khan 38 and Sher Khan s/o Teemur Khan 30 are included among arrested. All of them are shepherds. Besides them Buddo Mazarani, Shadi Gul Chlagari, Meeshdar Sumalani, Gul Hassan Sumalani and Ghulab Khan Mazarani with his family are missing. Army after abducting these people burnt their houses and looted their herds. Army has continued to burn the houses of others in the area. The spokesman feared that the number of abducted persons may possibly be much higher.

The spokesman stated that the abducted women and children from Raghai and Mashkay are still missing and did not produce to any court of law. He added that they have received the information about a family from Bambkan Aprech, Raghai, whose all members of family were abducted by Pakistani forces a month ago; among them are octogenarian Ali Mohammad s/o Chatta, Fareeda w/o Ismail, 3 years old infant Saadullah s/o Ismail, Gul Parri w/o Abdul Malik with her 4 kids of less than 8 years old, Naz Gul w/o Iqbal with her 2 minor daughters, and Maryam w/o Mohammad with 4 children are abducted by Pakistan Army a month ago. He added we received information a month late due to no communications.

The spokesman informed that Noor Jan s/o Dost Mohammad and 11 years Ishfaq s/o Abdul Khaliq are abducted from Parom, Panjgoor. Three persons were abducted from Gwadar. He added, the Army has increased its movements in Dasht areas. It is feared a new operation will be launched in the area, where several people were abducted in operations a few days before.

BNM Central spokesman says that the spelling the blood of innocent Baloch, their abduction, looting their properties and burning their houses has become a routine work of Pakistan Army. International laws have lost values before Pakistan. This is the reason where the silence of International organizations on war crimes against Baloch people, makes them responsible in crimes are being committed by Pakistani forces. The one sided approach of so-called Pakistani controlled media that support Pakistan’s narrative and inaccessibility of International media made the situations worst for Baloch people.

The BNM central spokesman appealed to International Human rights organizations and international media to take immediate notice of ongoing Pakistani forces’ atrocities and state terrorism in Balochistan and avoid further delays, otherwise Pakistan will take it as impunity from the world bodies to extinct Baloch nation to the face of earth with its military might.

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