Baloch nation has no desire to be called Pakistani. Khalil Baloch

The chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch condemned the outrageous statement of Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing to Pakistan. The Chinese ambassador in his exclusive interview with BBC while talking about Baloch freedom fighters, he said, “they are not real Pakistani. If they were real citizens of Pakistan they would think about the interest of Pakistan.” Yao Jing also commented that Baloch nation struggle is no more a threat to Pakistan, China and CPEC project.

It was a deliberate attempt to undermine Baloch nation struggle and BNM chairman Khalil Baloch rebutted the nonsensical statement of Chinese ambassador with these words, “China shouldn't live in any false perception, our struggle will continue against any imperialistic projects that is injurious to Baloch national interest; and Pakistani identity is a symbol of slavery for Baloch people; therefore, an argument of being real or fake is ridiculous and meaningless.”

Khalil Baloch in reaction of Yao Jing statement said that Pakistan has been claiming the destruction of Baloch national struggle for 70 years, now China is dancing on same out mooted beats of Pakistan. ” He added, “it will be mistaken by Chinese government if it lives in false perception about Baloch national struggle and tries to fool the world with lies.”

Chairman BNM stated that the failure of Gwadar Expo and non-participation of any multinational company verifies and endorses the successful Baloch national struggle. The all projects of CPEC are freezed and facing a complete fiasco, and there is no evident sign of their success. The China’s close ally Pakistan regardless of using military power, till date fails to complete a single road project because Baloch nation has already rejected this project.

Khalil Baloch, in response to Chinese ambassador, stated “Baloch nation has its own unique and separate national identity; and, Pakistan forcibly occupied its land. Surely, this is fully known to China and the entire world.” He added, “Baloch nation has no desire to be called Pakistani. Therefore, the argument of being real or fake is ridiculous and meaningless.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch stressed that Baloch nation would reject and resist all those projects that are started against their consent and wishes. Baloch are determined for their national freedom, therefore, it is good for China to don't squander its wealth and energy while relying on Pakistan because Baloch would give all sorts of sacrifices against imperialistic intrigues of China and Pakistan.

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