Media is propagating state sponsored narratives. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson in his recent statement said, State terrorism is on rise in Balochistan; the abduction of women and children is continued as collective punishment. Several women and children are abducted and houses are burnt in military operation in Mashkay, Gresha, Parom, Shapuk, Balgatar and Buleda. The spokesman stated that it is the gross violation of human rights which is tantamount to war crimes and genocide against humanity.

The spokesman illustrated that media and journalists are propagating the espoused narratives of ISPR and trying to evade the grim situation of Balochistan from the world. He added that few days back the puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan, Qudoos Bezanjo distributed laptops to journalists as reward to their yeoman services for publicizing state sponsored narratives. BNM spokesman further added the journalists of Balochistan are unfaithful to their profession due to fear, as well as for personal gains.

The spokesman informed that Pakistan army raided the house of Mir Saho in Tank area of Mashkay, burnt the houses and abducted women and children. Previously, Pakistan Army shelled the houses of Mir Saho in 2012 operation; as a result, a woman and two years old Bakhti were killed. But media and the world remained as silent spectators and Pakistan Army took it as impunity and raided the same house once again and abducted women and children— Lal Bibi d/o Atta Mohammad, Zar Bibi d/o Murad Jan, Khair Bano d/o Bahram and Sara d/o Ali Murad are abducted by forces; and after passing 4 days their whereabouts is still unknown.

The Central spokesman remarked, forces martyred Hayat s/o Qamber during an operation in Geshkor Bulida. Whereas, Rahim Bakhsh s/o Khan Mohammad, Rahim Bakhsh s/o Murad Bakhsh, Jawed s/o Asmi, Aktar s/o Ghulam, Ikram s/o Abdullah, Abdul Rauf s/o Nabi Bakhsh, and Raiz s/o Umeed, a resident of Panjgur and Nazir s/o Karim Jan were abducted by security forces from Buleda. In another incident, 4 days before Altaf s/o Dost Mohammad a resident of Buleda was abducted by forces from Turbat.

The spokesman informed that 12 years old Bilal s/o Qadir Bakhsh was abducted and shifted to army camp in Parom. The family members of Bilal set a strike before army camp but still he is not released. In Panjgur forces leagued with death Squad raided the house of Maqsood s/o Munir; vandalized in there and looted the house. Pakistan has provided a free hand to Death Squads to unleash all sort of offense on innocent Baloch people.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement further added, the Pakistani forces burnt the houses into ashes in areas Gresha and Gerrok of District Khuzdar. Several residents were abducted and school, hospital and houses have been converted into military check posts. An octogenarian, Wali Dad was abducted and the houses of his relatives were set on fire.

He added, during military operation in Dasth Nigwar, Yaqoob s/o Sabzal and Wahag s/o Mohammad, somewhere else in Hochaat Waheed Murad and Sabir s/o Karim Bakhsh were abducted and shifted to unknown places. The Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson lamented these crimes of Pakistani forces are hidden in sight of International Community because restrictions on human rights organizations, media blackout in Balochistan, however, despite this sordid fact media is relentlessly propagating state sponsored narratives which causing an incremental hike in humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

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