Baloch women are soft target for Pakistani forces: BNM Information Secretary on International Women&

Baloch National Movement's Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch on the occasion of the international day for women said that Baloch nation is under a colonial role and enslaved by a state that lacks human values in its own civilization and culture. The world should not be oblivion to the history when brutal Pakistan Army raped around 0. 1 million Bengalis; similarly, they are repeating the same story again in Balochistan. However, the Bangladesh issue was immediately exposed to the world, whereas, the Balochistan tragedy is going unnoticed by the world due to complete media blackout. Further the world is completely unknown to the pathetic situation of Baloch women those who are being abducted, tortured, raped and extra judicially killed by Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies.

He said related the story of two years old Bakhti and Haleema Bibi those were killed in two different incidents by Pakistan Army’s bombardment and shelling, and added, “Fatima could be the Malala of Balochistan, but she embraced martyrdom battling with her wounds for a year long,”

“Under these gravios circumstances, International women days would mourn herein Balochistan more than anywhere else, ”commented he metaphorically.

Mr. Baloch draws the attentions of the world towards a cowardice action of Pakistan Army and its other security forces, “Pakistan Army and its other security forces along with the application of collective punishment, are using the meanest tactic of abducting Baloch women; use them as a tool to demoralize Baloch political activists and force them to relinquish their rightful struggle for a free Balochistan,”

“There is a constant rise in the abduction of women” in Balochistan, remarked Dil Murad Baloch.

While discussing on Baloch history and culture BNM Information Secretary asserted that Baloch nation has its own unique national identity and culture which goes thousands of years back, whereon, woman enjoys a unique and special status in Baloch culture. A permanent ceasefire could come in action once a woman intervenes between two bloodthirsty fighting parties. Furthermore, in Baloch society, at the state of war it is considered unethical, immoral and crime to hurt a woman.

Dil Murad Baloch stated the Baloch is a secular nation that believes in the equality, and discards the gender gap. However, the occupying and fanatical state of Pakistan is trying to crush a thousand years old Baloch secular values by sponsoring religious extremism that are bent up to demean the prestigious position of women in Baloch society. However, Baloch culture and values reject such sponsored narratives that create a gap in society on gender ground.

And Pakistan with its proxies are attacking Baloch women as a soft target. There is influx of mass migration of Baloch people and they are forced to live a life of displaced people in different parts of Sindh and Balochistan; and women folks suffer most in the process.

The Information secretary stated today no one knows the mental agony of a mother than a Baloch whose beloved son is either killed or enduring the inhuman treatments of Pakistani forces in torture cells. Thousands of Baloch women have been widowed in the same fashion.

Dil Murad questioned the credibility of International Human rights organizations on the eve of world women day , “why they are keeping silence on the thorny situations of Baloch nation in general and Baloch women in particular?; Weather their silence is not indication of lapse in their responsibilities?”

He added that the situation of Baloch women are worse than any other part of the world; However, a complete Media blackout and irresponsibility of human rights organizations toward Baloch crisis makes women more precarious and persecuted at the hands of occupying Army of Pakistan. Dil Murad Baloch appealed to the responsible organization to take strong action against Pakistan for its ever growing persecution of women in Balochistan.

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