BNM calls for references and protests on 18 and 27th March

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson in his statement calls for a demonstration and worldwide references and conferences on 18th March against enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch, the ex-chairman of BSO-AZAD, who was abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies back to 18th March 2014.

Instantly, BSO-Azad central cabinet member Lateef Johar, sat in hunger strike on 22nd April 2014 against enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch and for his safe recovery. Later on, he ‘ended strike after 46 days without food on the 6th of June, 2014, after the request of relatives of the victims, human rights campaigners and senior friends and politicians in Balochistan.’ They intervened to stop him from dying in front of a brutal and deaf state that Pakistan. However, Politicians from Balochistan and human right campaigners did nothing for Zahid Baloch’s release.

The spokesman stated that the month of March augur does not well for Baloch nation, because in the same month, on 27th March 1948, Pakistan Army invaded on Balochistan and brought to an end of a sovereign state through annexing it as its colony with the might of gun. Since then Baloch nation is made slave and Pakistan opened up unending floodgates of treachery, miseries, extrajudicial killings and genocide of Baloch nation. In this regard the Central spokesman remarked, “Baloch nation is living a life of slavery for last seven decades,” and “our national resources are being exploited.”

The Central spokesman said that on 18th March there would be demonstration in Balochistan against abduction of Zahid Baloch by Pakistan Frontier Corps and intelligence agencies and against colonization of Balochistan. He also added in this connection there would be conferences and references to highlight the atrocities committed against them.

The spokesman urged all zones of BNM to complete their preparations before 18th March. He also announced for demonstration on the 27th March where the leaders of all pro-freedom would address to Baloch nation.

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