BNM commemorates martyrs of Dera Bugti; 17 March is a black day

Baloch National Movement's Central Spokesperson paid his solemn tributes to the martyrs of Dera Bugti. “Pakistan Army martyred 70 innocent Baloch in operation with Aerial bombing on 17th March 2005,” said he, “and majority of slain were aged, women and children,”

He further added, “Later, in continuation of aggression, the military martyred veteran octogenarian Baloch Political leader Nawab Akbar Bugti along with his companions on 26th August 2006,”

BNM spokesman further added “A dozens of villages have been razed to ground due to Aerial bombardment. Military forces further added the vows of the people by destroying their means of earnings, and most of areas military personnel also took the herds and cattles, whereas, left them in starvation. The poor people of the Dera Bugti left with no choice but to leave their homes behind and migrate to Afghanistan, Punjab, Sindh and other parts of Balochistan. As a result of this, thousands of Baloch, majority of them are women and children, are living in deplorable circumstances in refugee camps without any aid and assistance.”

He said that however, Pakistan Army extended its level of atrocities, even harassing them therein refugees’ camps, arresting men, women and children, later on throwing majority of their mutilated dead bodies, after months and years of inhuman torture. Initially this brutal military operation started from Dera Bugti but the level of operations extended across Balochistan.

The spokesman stated that Pakistan is expanding its half of GDP on military to counter and suppress the Baloch national struggle; however, it failed to repress the Baloch freedom struggle, on contrary, with every passing day, it is growing stronger which is clear indication of Pakistan’s defeat in occupied Balochistan.

The Central spokesman remarked that Baloch refugees are languishing in various camps of Punjab and Sindh; However, UNHCR not only ignored the debilitated situations of Baloch refugees, but also failed to protect them from the atrocities of Pakistani security forces. He appealed to United Nations and its other responsible affiliated organizations make ensure the safety of Baloch refugees in Punjab and Sindh.

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