Seasoned political leader Haji Anwar advocate joins Baloch National Movement

A veteran political leader Haji Anwar advocate joins Baloch National Movement. BNM president, Khalil Baloch and General Secretary Dr Murad Baloch warmly welcomed him in the platform of Baloch National Movement.

Khalil Baloch applauded, “it is a positive step in right direction,”

He further added, “we are hopeful he will use his immense experiences and play a vital role for the national cause,”

Haji Anwar advocate has a long history of his own in the political struggle for a free Balochistan. He also lost his son in the line of national duty. Baloch nation also views his untold sacrifices with huge respect.

Haji Anwar advocate has been living in Switzerland on asylum for years. After a long time of deliberations he announced to join Baloch National Movement.

President Khalil Baloch optimistically maintained, “We are sure, Haji Anwar would use his huge experiences and availability of freedom of expression in the West to highlight the atrocities of Pakistani forces committed against Baloch nation.”

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