Several abducted killed dumped in the month of March. Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement's Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch issued the monthly report of March 2018. Report states that security forces of Pakistan carried out 76 operations across Occupied Balochistan; 107 persons were enforced disappeared by intelligence agencies and other security forces. In the same month, security forces looted 105 houses; in which, 68 houses were ablazed and reduced to ashes during the operations. Similarly 26 mutilated bodies were recovered in the month of March; among the dead 19 were identified Baloch those were martyred in different occasions, 5 were killed in Karachi and 3 Baloch were killed from Nall and Mashkay by Death Squads for demanding ransom. However, the causes of death of 7 dead bodies were remained unknown. Pakistan Army converted 3 schools into army check posts in district Awaran. Whereas, 47 Baloch were released from Pakistani torture cells and returned to their homes, hence, their mental condition is pathetic.

Pakistan Army and its parallel proxies are wreaking havoc in occupied Balochistan. Likewise, a constant rise of atrocities on oppressed Baloch people is observed in occupied Balochistan that mirrors the wanten ambitions of Pakistan to extant Baloch race to the face of earth for completing its exploitive and colonial programs. Resultantly, the state of Pakistan and its army buried International human rights’ laws in the backyard of GHQ, Rawalpindi.

Dil Murad Baloch asserted, it is Pakistan’s fata morgana to crush Baloch national movement with inhuman brutalities; History testimonies the fact that national struggle would never be defeated with use of power, and eventually the oppressed nations turned victorious in the battle against the occupying forces and the oppressor.

He added, “Pakistan and its army has created a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan; nevertheless, so called international human rights organizations are keeping silence on the issue which is equate to support the Baloch genocide. Baloch National Movement appeals to the United Nations to play an immediate role to stop ongoing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.”

He further added, “Balochistan is experiencing a worst humanitarian crisis in the world where enforced disappearance of innocent people and operations are the order of days, and Baloch nation is single handedly resisting the terrorist state of Pakistan for its national identity.”

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