Khalil Baloch shuns altercations on social media by Baloch youth

Baloch National Movement's Chairman Khalil Baloch in his recent statement suggested to Baloch youth to avoid any sort of conflict with one another in social media; on contrary, the enemy forces are cunningly using social media to counter Baloch national struggle.

He added, in today's world social media is an effective medium of communication; Baloch National Movement always remains a strong proponent of positive use of social media. He simultaneously appealed to the young Cadre of BNM and other Baloch youth that they would use social media to highlight the atrocities of Pakistani forces, and to be the voice of the voiceless Baloch by using social media to convey their messages to the world community and international bodies.

Khalil Baloch commented, “today Baloch nation is going through the worst phase of its history; Pakistani atrocities has culminated to its peak; Pakistan has opened the floodgates of atrocities and barbarities to strengthen its colonial position in Balochistan. There is a complete Media blackout in Balochistan; both electronic and print media kept a willful censorship, but we have a strong social media where we, with a great ease, can forward our message to the entire world,”

“Baloch youth through social media can use its creative abilities for the greatest interests of Baloch nation” added he.

BNM’s President categorically criticized the negative use of social media by Baloch youth, “ the negative use of social media would only bring negative impact; hence, expecting a positive result from it is nothing but a self-deception, and same as cheating with nation,”

“Currently,( Baloch) are using social media to counter one another which is highly incongruous, and a source of ridicule for entire nation” regretted he.

Khalil Baloch admonished the young generation, “they must avoid from all noncommittal activities, and expect them they will avoid such nonsensical activities in future course,” which can damage Baloch case by using social media against one another.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said, “Baloch National Movement immensely respect the differences of opinion and freedom of expression, but use of ludicrous and abusive language is highly commendable, which serves no one purpose but solely hurts the Baloch cause,”

Khalil Baloch concluded, “The time demands from us that we should use our available resources and energies for a supreme national interest and against our common enemy.”

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