Chairman Khalil asks Baloch Diaspora to play an important role in national struggle

Baloch National Movement's Chairman Khalil Baloch applauded the endeavors of Australia zone. He was talking in a telephonic address to the members of Baloch National Movement Australia zone on the event of a reference in memory of Shuhda-i-Murgaap.

Khalil Baloch stated whether Baloch are in Balochistan or staying other parts of the world their role is quite satisfactory, and they are committed to the ideology of Baloch nationalism.

He stressed, “Baloch people are residing in different countries of the world and it is essential to bring them in national horizon. A free Balochistan is not only for those who are living there, rather it is home for all the Baloch people regardless of they are living other parts of the world. Therefore, it is incumbent upon them to play a vital role in national struggle,”

While commenting about the sacrifice of Shuhda-i-Murgaap he maintained, “For this very ideology our leaders sacrificed their lives, and it is our prime belief that sooner or later Balochistan is going to be a free sovereign country. And our coming generations would breathe in a free Balochistan,”

He added, we are living in a unique and important geographical location. Today entire world is closely watching Balochistan due to its geopolitical importance, but Baloch nation always bravely repulsed the advancing army from their motherland. Similarly today once again Baloch are standing prime to resist the enemy with courage and determination. “Surely the Dawn of freedom would rise in Balochistan.”

While discussing the role of Shuhda-i-Murgaap he stated, today we are observing this day in memory of the Shuhda-i-Murgaap whose unmatched sacrifices have become a national emblem for us. No doubt we pay great respect to all of those who laid their lives for the greatest cause of national freedom. In this respect Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch is one unique personality who formed an undefeatable political party on revolutionary basis to represent the entire nation. At the beginning of the century Baloch was lacking in a nation level party that could bring nation under single umbrella, however, due to Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch endeavors today Baloch nation is braced with a defined ideology of nationalism under of Baloch National Movement that is successfully running the program for a free Balochistan.

Khalil Baloch commented, we believe Baloch National Movement is in better position that those other pro freedom parties due to its democratic approach, where it gives a weightage to his workers rather than some hierarchical figures. Baloch National movement is the pure product of a single ideology of Nationalism. And it is moment of pride for us where our sisters playing their role in shoulder to shoulder with their brothers which is itself a revolutionary change in our political arena.

Khalil Baloch commented, Baloch National Movement promises for a future welfare state of Balochistan, which is the party program of Baloch National Movement. Though today's world hardly there is any welfare state by we cherished a dream of a welfare state which is actually the dream of the founding father of BNM, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. Therefore, all members of the Baloch National Movement are abide by this charter that promises in Party's constitution.

Khalil Baloch said, all the BNM workers and sympathizers are national ambassadors; They have to fight Baloch case at every international forum. There is need of time to extant our mission. It is prime responsibility of BNM’s workers to approach Baloch diaspora and bring them into national fold. Similarly they should create a public opinion for their national cause. Furthermore they should internationally expose the atrocities of Pakistani forces that are committing in Balochistan. Baloch nation whether men, women or children are suffering at the hands of terrorist army of Pakistan. And it is our prime responsibility to expose Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies’ backed terrorism before the world.

Chairman BNM stated that Balochistan is a war zone where political activities are completely prohibited, and the doors of education are shut to the Baloch students, even it is ironically calling for death angel for oneself for getting education. Intelligence agencies and Pakistan Army have crossed the all limits of humanity.

He added, we are resisting a state that is like a wild boar and have least regards for war ethics. In such grave state it becomes the responsibility of the Baloch diaspora to play a crucial role in mass mobilization and complete their national duties.

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