Thanks to UK police for foiling the attempt of Pakistan’s backed goons to sabotage the peaceful demo

Baloch Sindhi Forum demonstrated at 10 Downing Street on the occasion of Commonwealth’s meetings of heads of its member’s countries on18th April, in which BNM, BSO-AZAD, BHRC and World Sindhi Congress jointly participated.

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson said that the purpose of demonstration was to highlight the extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and exploitation of resources, discrimination against minorities and against the CPEC which is being constructed against the will of Baloch and Sindhi nations.

State security forces have abducted thousands of Baloch and Sindhi, and extrajudicially killed them. Similarly religious minorities are also being executed in the same fashion to strengthen the religious extremist groups that are being used as state proxies. Religiously Hazaras, Hindus and Christians are the most vulnerable religious sects and minorities that suffered the brunt of religious extremism at the hands of state sponsored religious terrorist groups.

He added, attacks on church and Christians at Quetta are the recent example of state sponsored terrorism.

The spokesman informed that a memorandum was presented to the British Prime Minister, in which BNM was represented by Hammal Haider, the foreign Secretary of BNM, BSO-AZAD was represented by Naiz Baloch, Abdullah Baloch was present in behalf of the Raji Zarumbish, WSC by Lakku Lohana and BHRC’s was represented Ghulam Hussain.

Spokesman added; However, Pakistani goons tried to sabotage the peaceful demonstration of Baloch and Sindhi Forum, but the London Police foiled their attempt. And the Spokesman categorically condemned the act of such means tactical strategy which shows that how Pakistan is fearful of Baloch struggle. We thank the UK police for foiling the attempt of Pakistan’s backed goons to sabotage the peaceful demonstration of Baloch and Sindhi Forum.

The spokesman stated that Pakistan is exploiting our resources without the consent of Baloch and Sindhi people by working on CPEC. In fact Baloch nation for the day first resisted their occupation by Pakistan, and struggled to send the world a clear message that they would not accept the forcible accession to Pakistan. Hence, Pakistan in order to maintain it hegemony started the genocide of the Baloch people; whereas today the war crimes of Pakistan Army and its other security forces has culminated to its apogee. With a view to hide its war crimes and genocide, Pakistan has imposed a complete Media ban regarding Balochistan; local journalists are either threatened or bribed to keep a blind eye on Balochistan issue. Whereas international media is not allowed to report on Balochistan. But the spokesman regretted that the silence of human rights organizations and United Nations provide Pakistan an impunity to genocide Baloch nation without qualm.

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