Khalil Baloch condemns the firing by Army and Death Squad on Atif Baloch’s funeral

Khalil Baloch, the Chairman of Baloch National Movement paid rich tribute to martyr Atif Baloch and condemned the attack on his funeral ceremony that resulted in the killing of his maternal uncle, Khalil Baloch, and critically injuring several other mourners.

The BNM head stated, “This is the worst form of state terrorism in its nature; however, such incident clearly mirror the defeat of Pakistan,” in occupied Balochistan.

He added that the sacrifices of Chairman Ghulam Mohammad and his family are torch bearer for us. Waja Yousif, the brother of Chairman Ghulam Mohammad has lost his two young sons in the protection of motherland, but nothing would shaken the determination and commitment of this aged man; rather, he looks the martyrdom of two sons with great pride.

He further added, “Such commitment, determination and the philosophy of sacrifice for motherland has ignited the sense of preservation of courage among Baloch that led to open up several paths of struggle against Pakistani occupation of Balochistan,”

He asserted that Pakistan Security forces and its proxies indiscriminately opened fire on the funeral ceremony of Atif Baloch that resulted the death of Khalil Baloch, critically injuring Anwar Baloch and wounded several in the attack and such acts are the continuation of Pakistan’s notorious policy of collective punishment, and hardly such act of terrorism can be demonstrated by ISIS and Boko Haram.

Khalil Baloch stated that the attack on funeral ceremony is an eye opener for religious scholars, political leaders and political workers those who consider Pakistan as an Islamic state; hence, Pakistan is unaware about Islamic education; therefore, we appeal to all of them to join the Baloch struggle against uncivilized and brutal state of Pakistan. He exhorted that they had to learn lesson form history; today what Bangladesh is doing with the traitors and surely the lot of traitors will be similar, but within the parameter of international laws. And we would punish all the conspirators with Pakistan.

BNM Chairman said, “Pakistan is a terrorist state and it has no regards for international laws. Its aggression and inhuman policies reflect that its army suffers defeat against Baloch struggle that is why it is targeting armless civilians,”

“We are not expecting any reprieve from our enemy forces nor will ask for respite; rather, we within the ambit of international laws ask the responsible organizations to take notice of barbarities of Pakistan; in hand its army is directly committing the genocide of the Baloch nation, on the other hand, its proxy terrorist organizations have established several sanctuaries and engaged in the looting and torturing Baloch peoples,” said Khalil Baloch.

On talking about upcoming general elections in occupied Balochistan he opined, “Where Pakistan reached the peak of atrocities to pressurize Baloch people to give up their struggle for Baloch nation, elsewhere National party and other conduits are engaged in to participate in so called elections. National party and others are forcing the scattered Baloch population and IDPs to settle in near army’s camps so that to force them vote against their will in so called elections,”

“National Party is in power for five years in occupied Balochistan, however, during its tenure mass graves were discovered in Tutak at district Khuzdar, and there was a incremental rise in military operations across Balochistan; Similarly Dr. Malik proposed for a Swat like operation in Balochistan and used its workers for spying that resulted in a rapid increase in mass killing of Baloch activists, and the incidents of abduction multiplied in the CM ship of Dr. Malik,” explained he, “ however, the traitors those who are involved in the war crime in Balochistan would not be spared,”

Chairman Khalil Baloch also criticized the dubious role of media that has kept a willful silence in the mass genocide of Baloch nation at the hand of Pakistani forces; even the security forces of Pakistan reached that level of barbarities where they target the funeral, but media don’t bother to report, which is against the very ethics of journalism. He also added that the situation of Balochistan is not much better than Middle East but the local correspondences of international media are involved in projection of state sponsored narrative.

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