BNM condemns the attack on Voice for Missing Persons of the Sindh by Pakistani Security forces

Baloch National Movement Central spokesman in his statement strongly condemned the act of Pakistani security forces by attacking the camp of Voice for Missing Person of the Sindh (VMPS). He added that extremist state like Pakistan even cannot tolerate a peaceful demonstration of the persecuted nations.

He upheld, “Pakistan first occupied Sindh land, carried out the genocide of Sindhi people, exploited their resources, plagued their culture, now Sindhi mothers and sisters are shedding tears for the safe recoveries of their beloved ones, those are abducted by the Pakistani security forces and its intelligence agencies,”

“But the extremist state of Pakistan is using the means of power to suppress the voices of these innocent people,” said the spokesman.

He assumed, “Pakistan has not only occupied the lands of oppressed Baloch, Pushtun and Sindhi, but also carrying out the genocide of them to wipe them out completely,”

The BNM spokesman said that the problem of Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun and Mohajir’s missing persons is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the region; thousands of Baloch, Sindhi, Pushtun and Mohajirs are suffering in Pakistani torture cells, and similar number of ‘killed and dumped’ dead bodies of these missing persons have been recovered.

“ Thousands of loved ones have been extinguished, and thousands of mothers and sisters’ eyes are fixed on the path of their beloved,” asserted he metaphorically, “ but now Pakistan is using force on these hapless and wailing mothers and sisters,”

He added that Pakistan, in order to continue its occupation on oppressed nations, is employing force to suppress the voices that raise against it, but Pakistan is ignorant to the history of the uprising that they would not be pressed by means of force; rather, they would grow with more vigor and enthusiasm; similarly, the Baloch movement is a paradigm of the struggle.

He explained, “Pakistan for last seventy years has been using force and other tactic, but could not repress Baloch national struggle, and the use of force against Baloch, Pushtun and Sindhi nations would only strengthen their national struggle,”

The Spokesman of BNM also commented, “raise of voices for rights and against Pakistan oppression is a good omen; moreover, it is the demand of time that the all oppressed nations should be united against Pakistan atrocities as well as bring harmony in their ranks; Baloch, Sindhi, and Pushtun should learn from the history that Pakistan uses religious, political and tribal proxies to counter their movements,”

The spokesman further added, “ the attack on the camp of Voice for Missing Person of Sindh at the first day, worst of it tortured them by security forces of Pakistan; it clearly indicates that how much Pakistan is fearful of them,”

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement maintained, “It is high time for Baloch, Pushtun and Sindhi nations that they should be united for the greatest purpose of the national interest; and it is essential for the leaders of the all oppressed nations that they should make a uniform policy against the extremist state of Pakistan to get rid of it permanently.”

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