Khalil Baloch reprimands BNM members to avoid social media brawls

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Baloch National Movement in his statement admonished the members of BNM that they would refrain from any inconsequential debate and negative propaganda in social media. He added, if any member of BNM remains involved, strict action will be taken against him or her.

“In this modern scientific era the presence of social media is a great platform for the oppressed nations to raise their voices, but pro freedom Baloch (political parties), and their followers are using social media to pull one another’s legs and there is a constant tug of war among them, which is a grossly harmful act. Moreover, previously, those elements experimented the use of social media as a part of their policy and today the result is not hidden to us. It would be unwise if we don’t learn a lesson from our history. “He explained.

Baloch National Movement leader asserts that Baloch nation lacks in media; while, Pakistani media is playing the role as a state pillar which only promotes state sponsored narrative and throws into proving Baloch national struggle wrong. Similarly Pakistan has imposed a ban on international media to access into Balochistan. Therefore, social media is the only medium that is available to us; through its positive use we can forward our voice to the world and can expose the atrocities of Pakistan and its army.

He further added, numerous organizations, newspapers and magazines have changed their way of working by giving primary importance to social media by creating websites , Facebook and twitter accounts to access them; several movements have been raised due to social media, unfortunately Baloch nation has failed to use it in a productive manner.

Some years before there was limited access to social media, but it was being used in a more constructive way; regrettably, we could not maintained it. There are several reasons behind its failure, among them are the strategies of enemy, lack in a defined policy, ban on internet, negative use of social media by many element living in abroad, internal altercations and bickering and it includes intentionally turning it into wrong directions.

Khalil Baloch also stated that,” for some times a few elements are using social media against pro freedom organizations; the organizational issues, instead of being discussed in organizational forums, are being dashed in social media which is tantamount to provide an opportunity to the enemy. The sensitive issues of national and organizational level be discussed, and sorted out within organizations.

Chairman Kahlil Baloch made it clear, “BNM has its official website, twitter and Facebook accounts which define its policies and line of action. On contrary, if any individual discusses the organizational matters and issues on social media, disciplinary action may be taken against that member.”

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