28th May is one of the worst days for Baloch national slavery. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch in his statement regarding Atomic tests of 28th May 1998 at Chaghi in Balochistan said, “28th May is one of the worst days for Baloch national slavery. In this particular day Pakistan tested Atomic bombs in Balochistan, and initiated a new series of problems for Baloch nation.” He said that Pakistan while choosing Baloch land is the clear proof of its colonial mindset and acrimony towards Baloch nation.”

Khalil Baloch assumed that the presence of atomic bomb with a terrorist state like Pakistan is moment of worrisome for the region as well as for the entire world. He further added that today Iran, Libya and North Korea had obtained atomic weapons because of Pakistan. Pakistan has put atomic weapons on black market and made the entire world over a heap of nuclear weapons, which is even at the reach of religious extremists, because Pakistan used religion extremism as a political tool and trained its army in very line of religious extremism.

The BNM head said, “Pakistan is a nursery and safe haven for terrorist; Pakistan and its army has created parallel sanctuaries of terrorists, by the dent of these elements Pakistan is spreading terrorism throughout the world. There is full chance that Pakistan army with its proxies put the entire world into a grave disaster.”

He stressed, “ the atomic tests in Balochistan are valid proof that Pakistan only needs the geography, natural resources and geopolitical importance of Balochistan, and it has nothing to do with its people, those suffered an apocalyptic disaster aftermath of atomic tests in the area. The nuclear radiation has created a calamity in Balochistan. Pakistan not only forcibly vacated the people from their ancestral lands, but tested nuclear weapons near cities and villages that left devastating impacts on human lives.”

He maintained, nuclear tests (in Balochistan) and the radiations have left terrible impacts on the lives of people, ecology, agriculture and flora and fauna; people are starving to death. Aftermath impacts of Nuclear tests resulted in shape of several deadly diseases like cancer, eyesight problems, skin disease, excessive complexity in delivery cases, morbidity and hike in mortality among children are prevalent in the area; It also severely affected wildlife and the water streams have also dried up, and the worst drought of the history has already hit the area; Unfortunately, United Nation did not take notice of it.

Khalil Baloch also added, “Pakistan is economically a bankrupt state which economy solely stands on Baloch national resources: from gas to other national resources of Baloch nation are the lifeline of Pakistani economy. Similarly, Pakistan is digging up Uranium from Balochistan which is developing its atomic weaponries; despite of this, the people of Balochistan are living in the Stone Age.”

He appealed to United Nations and other responsible world bodies that they must send watchdogs to investigate nuclear radiations and impacts of atomic tests in the area; while, keeping the criminal history of Pakistan in focus, its atomic weapons to be handed to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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