A number of BRP members join BNM

The president of Baloch Republican Party, Brahumdagh Bugti’s, controversial statement at the wake of 27th March, not only created resentment among pro freedom Baloch nationalist political parties, but also earned displeasure of party cadres that resulted in shape of resignation and separation from BRP. After one month of deliberations and discussions with Baloch National Movement’s leaderships, they put their trust on BNM leadership and, formally joined the party.

In their collective released statement, they declared: “We, while, trusting on BNM leadership, from today, will continue our political activities on BNM’s platform, and we are ambitious to accelerate our struggle for a free Balochistan in the same platform as well as working with party leadership will try bring improvement in organizational affairs.”

They also appealed to likeminded colleagues, instead of struggling individual basis they should join the ranks of BNM.

Baloch national struggle is a mass movement that has been created by Baloch common masses. Baloch nation has started its struggle against Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan on 27th March 1948. For this purpose people from all walk of life made sacrifices and there is no space for class differences. In this respect Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad conveyed his message to every strata of society at the every knock and corner of Balochistan.

“Possibly some of political workers are in state of confusion and uncertainty due to the wrong policies of leadership in past or at present, but they should come into the fold of Baloch national political party to strengthen, and express their reservations and try to find a way to sort all confusions and differences through discussion and dialogue. We cannot wait for another and expect an overnight change in political scenario; rather we must join this struggle of poor masses and address the weakness within party’s framework.” statement says.

They vowed, “Further, we would not be content with mere statements, demonstrations and gossips, but would struggle in light of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad’s teachings and philosophy for the Baloch national cause by adopting the values of self-criticism that would lead us towards our destination of a free, democratic and secular Balochistan for our future generations.

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