BNM terms the demise of Bibi Ganjal as a national tragedy

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman said that demise of Bibi Ganjal is a national tragedy. He stated that, “Being disheartened with Pakistani atrocities, a sister succumbed to death while waiting for the release of her husband and cousin” those are abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Safar Baloch, the husband of demised Ganjal, was abducted in 24th October 2013 from his house at Hubchoki by intelligence agencies, and her cousin, Shabeer Baloch, the central information secretary of BSO-Azad was abducted in 4th October 2016 from Turbat area of Gwarkop by Pakistani security forces and its intelligence agencies. Meantime, security forces time and again harassed them by raiding their houses. Hassled by security forces, several members Bibi Ganjal’s family under utter compulsion left their house and migrated to the other parts of the Balochistan. Zafar Baloch, brother of deceased, has sought asylum in Germany, who is the secretary general of BNM Germany zone.

BNM’s spokesman shared his sorrow, “We condole and our sympathies are with Zafar Baloch and his family in this time of their grief.”

The central spokesman said, thousands of mothers and sisters are experiencing the same anguish and miseries at the hands of Pakistani security forces. Hundreds of mothers lost their beloved ones, and sisters are waiting for the safe recovery of their brothers.

He asserted, “With every passing day, the numbers of abduction and mutilated dead bodies is getting higher.”

The spokesman articulated: “Dr.Deen Mohammad Baloch, Ghafoor Baloch, Ramzan Baloch, Zakir Majeed and thousands of Baloch are enduring the inhuman treatment for years in Pakistani torture cells. Sammi Baloch and Mehlab Baoch, daughters of Deen Mohammad Baloch are living their lives in front of press clubs for last nine years, and they marched 2500km with Mama Qadeer. Similarly, Ali Haider , teen son of Mohammad Ramzan, and Frazana Majeed, sister of Zakir Majeed also participated in this long march from Quetta to Islamabad.”

The Central Sopkesman of BNM assumed, “The purpose of these atrocities is that Baloch should withdraw from Baloch national struggle and struggle against their slavery; however, Baloch nation has become conscious of their slavery, and started a conscious struggle against Pakistani occupation. Certainly, a free Balochistan is the logical conclusion of this struggle.

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