Baloch nation boycotts so-called general elections in occupied Balochistan: Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Baloch nation would boycott the general elections of 2018. He said that Pakistan had forcibly occupied Balochistan in 27th March 1948; therefore, an occupying force had no legal and constitutional ground to conduct elections in an occupied land,”

“Baloch nation besides election has no affiliation with the administrative and legal working of Pakistan; Pakistan maintains its occupation and rules on Balochistan with the use of force, which has no legal or moral ground.”, said he.

He explained, elections are done on the base of public census, and the Baloch nation completely boycotted the census where, Pakistan tried to conduct census through using forces, its parallel proxies, terrorist death squad, and its puppet politicians, conversely, while baloch nation by boycotting the census proved that they would not be a part of any plot that provide a legal protection to their slavery. To be sure baloch nation has declared its verdict upon Pakistan through boycotting last election as well as rejecting census.

Khalil Baloch reiterated, if Pakistan makes again a similar attempt, its lot will not be different from the previous result. Pakistan cannot provide a legal cover to its occupation of Balochistan, by playing the drama of democracy. It already became visible to the world that Balochistan is an occupied land, where Pakistan crossed the all limits of atrocities. BNM leader asserted: “All the parliamentarian parties with Pakistan are equally responsible for crimes in Balochistan. In order to make the election possible, Pakistan Army with its sponsored proxies is writing a new chapter of cruelties. Pakistan military forces are forcibly shifting the scattered population near army’s camps, so that they might be pressurized to cast their vote in the election. Despite of all these atrocities that are being committed by Pakistan Army, its puppet parliamentarian parties and ministers passed resolution to delay the election. It is a crystal clear confession that it seems impossible to conduct election in Balochistan.”

He added that from last five years Pakistan had used all options to destroy Baloch land, despite that Pakistan had fatally failed conduct census and would face similar result in running election campaign in Balochistan.

He further added, “They may make the extreme weather a lame excuse, but actually it is the power and energy of Baloch national struggle that Pakistan and its pawns are trying to color it otherwise.”

He assumed, Baloch national struggle has reached in such a point which became impossible for Pakistan and its agents to suppress it. Pakistan would try to prolong its occupation by playing the card of so-called election, but the demands for a delay in election by its paid agents is an excuse to surge army in occupied Balochistan. Though it is cleared the entire Balochistan is already turned into an extended military’s cantonment, Pakistan’s animal like army is playing Holi with the bloods of Baloch nation by carrying continuous military operations across Balochistan, but they forget the fact that nations cannot be held slave while committing atrocities; similarly Pakistan is failed to demoralize and discourage the Baloch nation and subdue them by use of power, and it will meet with similar result in the future too.

Chairman Khalil Baloch told all the members of BNM that they didn’t have access to mainstream media, in such circumstance social media could be an appropriate replacement where they would use it as a positive medium to carry forward their message to the entire globe by exposing the atrocities of Pakistan committing against Baloch nation on daily basis, and they should play a positive role by using social media to disclose the drama of election in Balochistan.

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