BNM Information Secretary releases monthly report of HR violations in Balochistan:

Today Baloch National Movement Central information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch has released the report of May 2018 regarding the existing situation in Balochistan. The report tells Pakistan military has carried several operations in the month of May in occupied Balochistan that caused the death of civilians; people were forced to move to other areas; and several were abducted and killed during military operations.

The information secretary stated, “The barbarity of Pakistani security forces was at peak. Forces carried out 41 operations and arrested 71 people and sent them to torture cells; 30 houses were looted, and 10 houses were burnt down.”

He added, “17 baloch lost their lives in the same month; 8 peoples from Jaho are included those who died while drinking contaminated poisonous water: The incident that took the lives of 8 innocents, draws a picture of helplessness and of slavery.”

According to the local people Pakistan Army conducted operation, and contaminated the water with the intention that the people would evacuate the area and get compelled to settle in nearby army’s camps.

“This month 6 baloch were martyred, falling prey to army’s barbarities. The tragic incidence of targeting funeral congregation took place at Mand, when the state sponsored death squared opened fire on the funeral ceremony of Saheed Atif, the nephew of Shaheed Gulham Mohammad that caused the martyrdom of Khalil Baloch, uncle of Atif Baloch; several other were injured in the incident.” Referred the Information Secretary.

He said that the reasons for the death of 3 other persons were unknown. Among the martyred, one is Azeem son of Dad Shah who was the resident of Malaar district Awaran. He was arrested from his house at Hubchoki in 3rd March 2016 and his mutilated dead body was recovered at Hubchoki. Hence, 18 persons were released, those who were previously abducted by security forces in different occasions. Among the released, one was abducted in 2017. While, Adnan son of Abdul Ghafoor, the resident of district Gwadar, was released in the month of May after two and half years; however, his physical and mental conditions are not stable due to inhuman torture by security forces. Those who were released from Pakistani torture cells their mental health became devastated and they in future course lead a disturbing and solitary life. In this month security forces also built new check posts in different parts of Balochistan.

BNM central information secretary said that his party every month releases verified and authentic records to media. And all the proofs and records are available with BNM, but unfortunately except a few international media groups, rest of them don’t pay any attention toward the reports. And investigative journalism has become a pariah in Balochistan.”

Dil Murad Baloch invited the media groups and said, “We invite all local and international media houses to come and see the ground realities and investigate our provided reports accordingly, the state barbarity would be revealed upon them.”

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