Chairman Khalil Baloch announces to dissolve Diaspora Committee and brings reforms

Baloch National Movement’s chairman Khalil Baloch has announced to dissolve the setting BNM’s committee of Diaspora in order to reform the existing setup, a new committee and structure has been drafted, and all the zones will be informed through circular notice.

Khalil Baloch said that this decision was taken by BNM in the light of ongoing grave situations in Balochistan that causes a hike in migration of Baloch to other lands and seeking asylum therein; therefore, owning to this decision is made to dissolve the setting committee and modified the old structure.

Khalil Baloch accounted, “In the first phase Canada and United States of America are elevated in the position of two different zones that now on will work separately. That is why; both Canada zone and USA zone are respectively advised to send the detailed information regarding membership in their respective zones to the centre.

He added, “Europe, North America and Mideast will function as regions; however, Afghanistan, North Korea and Australia will continue to work as zone that will be handled and controlled by Diaspora cabinet or committee.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch informed, “A new body, Diaspora council will be formed, and Diaspora Committee will elect its members within one year. Later on, Diaspora Council will be responsible for the election and formation of cabinet. The members of Diaspora Council will be elected on the basis of region and zone. Every region can elect maximum three members, whereas zones can elect one member each. Foreign secretary and cabinet members are to be members of Diaspora council. Diaspora Cabinet is responsible for all administrative workings that will directly report to the Party’s chairman and Secretary General. The cabinet has to report within every three months about the progress to the Party’s chairman and Secretary General. Diaspora Cabinet will collaborate and assist the foreign secretary.”

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