We strongly condemn the barbaric killing of Abid Baloch and his innocent son. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman condemned the killing of Abid Baloch and his minor son Bahot Jan in Panjgoor with strong words: “We strongly condemn the barbaric killing of Abid Baloch and his innocent son Bahoot Jan” He said, “though it is premature to tell the actual reason for targeting him, but the was also at aim of state, and he was previously detained and tortured.”

BNM’s spokesman informed, “Abid Baloch was a close relative and brother in law of BNM’s Chairman Khalil Baloch. State for several years targeting relatives of pro freedom political leaders and activists as policy of collective punishment; Abid Baloch was also targeted several times before with the same context. In his killing, the possibilities of state backing cannot be out rightly rejected, because he was previously abducted and kept in torture cells for one year by Pakistani intelligence agencies. His house was constantly raided by security forces, and his family was continuously harassed. Now killing him with minor son is the peak of barbarity.”

He added that Pakistan turned upon to the policy of reprisal to pressurize the Baloch leadership by killing the family members, bulldozing and razing their houses, abducting their relatives torturing and killing them which became a routine work for Pakistani security forces, but pro freedom Baloch cannot be intimidated by such cheap tactics; surly, the spelled blood of the innocents won’t go unrewarded, nor the Baloch would withdraw from their demand for a free Balochistan.

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