BNM announces a new organizing committee in UK

The general body meeting of Baloch National Movement (BNM) United Kingdom zone was held in Oxbridge, London under the presidency of Zahid Baloch, the organizer of UK zone. Hammal Haider, the foreign secretary of BNM was the chief guest of the event. In compliance with the party Centre’s instruction the existing organizing committee was dissolved, and a new organizing committee was formed in the meeting. Several issues were also intensively discussed. Later on, with the mutual understanding and consensus, a new organizing committee comprised of five members was formed. Hakeem Wadela Baloch was elected as zonal organizer, and Zahid Baloch elected as deputy zonal organizer. The other three members of zonal committee are Hassan Dost, Wasim Baloch and Shahzad Baloch.

Addressing to the participants Hassan Dost applauded the endeavors of BNM’s diaspora members, and he said, “To get the Baloch national struggle rolling in international arena, it is prerequisite to consolidate BNM on sound footing.” He added, “Hereof our BNM friends encourage us with determination and commitment that we can play a positive role on organizational floor.”

Hammal Haider the foreign secretary of BNM congratulated the newly elected members of zonal committee and addressed to participants, “the joining of our old colleagues Hakeem Baloch along with other friends to BNM, is a moment of great pleasure for us.” He maintained, “And the arrival of Hassan Dost, Abdullah Baloch and Shahzad Baloch in UK would be effective for the BNM- UK zone.”

Deputy organizer Zahid Baloch welcomed the new members of BNM, and arrival of BNM’s members to UK. He said, “The joining of senior members and political analysts to BNM would pave the way for organizing the party on scientific grounds.” Zahid Baloch also congratulated new members of committee and expressed his confidence on them, and was hopeful to unify the organization with in short time. He also invited the ideological friends to join the caravan of BNM and play their due role in the national struggle.

At last, the new elected organizer of UK zone, Hakeem Baloch expressed his gratification to the central members of BNM, not only accepting them as members of BNM, but also showing confidence on them and handing over them responsibilities. Hakeem Baloch also pledged, “As Organizer of UK chapter, it will be my utmost priority to immediately call the general body meeting, so that we can elect the zonal cabinet.” He also said, “We are going to call the meeting of organizing committee, and will draw our future plan in the next meeting.”

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