BNM protest in London against abduction of Baloch women

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman said that BNM protested in London against the abduction and sexually assaulting of Baloch women by Pakistan Army. The demonstration was attended by foreign secretary of BNM Hammal Haider Baloch, UK-Zone organizer Hakeem Wadela, Deputy Organizer, Zahid Baloch, senior leader of party Hassan Dost, BSO-Azad London zone organizer Sakinder Qambarani and Aziz Megal, the leader of World Sindhi Congress Lakhu Lohana and the members from other parties and human rights activists were present in the demonstration.

The party leaders addressed to the protesters, the state of Pakistan is involved in war crimes in Occupied Balochistan, no one is secure in Balochistan at the hands of Pakistan army, the violation of human rights has become an order of day; Now situation has grown worst where even women are not secure; In Rakhshan Washuk Pakistan military forcibly shifted women into army camp and tortured and sexually abused them. Currently Pakistan Army unleashed its barbarities in Washuk, Mashkay, Dasht and other parts of Balochistan.

The spokesman said that the purpose of the demonstration was to inform the world community about the war crimes of Pakistan committing in Balochistan.

And such protests will be continued in future to highlight the atrocities of the state of Pakistan. He added, there is complete media blackout in Balochistan that is why the atrocities of Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies go unnoticed to the world. Meantime, Pakistan uses the silence of the world as an opportunity to exacerbate its atrocities and barbarities by genocide of innocent Baloch.

The Central spokesman stressed, the time has arrived the world community should take rigorous action against Pakistan. The silence and inaction of the civilized world against the war crimes of Pakistan, makes it embolden to create an apocalypse in Balochistan.

Zahid Baloch, the deputy organizer of UK zone at the end of demonstration, thanked all the participants for their presence and support.

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