Disappearance of Dr Deen Mohd for a long time is an inhuman act. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s Central spokesman said, Pakistan, in order to crush the Baloch national struggle, has been targeting Baloch political activist and intellectuals on daily basis. Its intelligence agencies whisk away political activists, torture them and brutally kill them. For last several years Pakistan has been committing the same crime by abducting Baloch political workers, torturing, martyring them and throwing their mutilated dead bodies on deserted areas.

The Spokesman said, this day, Dr.Deen Mohammad was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies in 2009. Dr. Deen Mohammad is not only the senior member of the BNM, but also as a Doctor, he was wholly devoted to his duty. He was abducted from Ornach, Khuzdar where he was a messiah for the people of the area. The abduction of Dr Deen Mohammad is to deprive Baloch nation for a brave Baloch leader. The purpose behind his abduction was to crush the Baloch intellectual, but Pakistan is fully failed in its ulterior motives. Today the teachings of Dr. Deen Mohammad are sown in the heart of every Baloch.

He said, the families of the missing persons have adopted every peaceful mean for the release of their love ones; even they knocked the doors of the courts of Pakistan, but the judiciary of Pakistan stood beside their intelligence agencies and tried to protect their crime that is a black spot in the face of Pakistan’s Judiciary. It revealed upon the Baloch nation that civil society, judiciary and media are supporting the state sponsored narrative and they are equally responsible for the genocide of the Baloch nation.

The Spokesman stated that Sammi Baloch and Mehlab Baloch, the daughters of Dr. Deen Mohammad have made a historical effort for the release of their father. These brave daughters have gown up before the press clubs, demonstrating for the safe release of their father. Dr Deen Mohammad family had endured uncountable difficulties. Pakistan army first looted the houses of Dr. Deen Mohammad, and later on converted his two houses into Army check posts. The Daughters of Deen Mohammad were also part of the historical march for Baloch Missing person from Quetta to Islamabad, but no one heard their plea. Pakistan is involved in all sort of the human rights violations in Balochistan. Now it is targeting the families of Baloch activists, even women and children are not safe at the hands of Pakistan Army.

The Spokesman lamented and expressed his grief that we also feel the pangs of abducting our political leaders and activists, and torturing and throwing their mutilated dead bodies. But we are certain that the sacrifices of these will be rewarded in the shape of a free Balochistan. The BNM Spokesman thanked all those who used hashtag #SaveDrDeenMohdBaloch for release of Dr. Deen Mohammad and to highlight the issue of Baloch missing persons.

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