BNM Australia protests against enforced disappearances by Pakistan

Baloch National Movement demonstrated in Australian city Melbourne against human rights violations and the sexual harassment of Baloch women by Pakistan Army. A number of women also participated in the demonstration before State Assembly in Australian city. Pushtun, Sindhi and Hazara political workers were also present in solidarity with the Baloch activists. The protestor were holding banners and placards with slogan against Pakistan and its army, protection for Baloch women and appeal to international community to take notice of state terrorism. They also demonstrated slogan for free Balochistan.

Speakers also addressed to the participants; Pakistan is committing barbarity in the occupied Balochistan. Pakistan Army is carrying out operations on daily basis and whisking away people of the areas; even, Pakistan army is abducting Baloch women and taking them to the army camps where those women are being sexually abused by Pakistan Army’s men. The speakers also criticized international community on its silence on human rights violation in Balochistan.

They also appealed to United Nations and other international organizations to take notice of Baloch genocide and human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistan.

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