Slogan for election and development are intrigues to strengthen the slavery of the nation. BNM

Baloch National Movement Central Spokesman said the so-called elections are approaching, and with every passing day Pakistan’s atrocities on Baloch nation is exacerbating. Hundreds of people are going missing on daily basis, after inhuman tortures they are released on the condition that they would cast their vote in the upcoming election; in fact, they are ordered to whom cast their vote on Election Day. After facing humiliation in the last election in Balochistan, this time Pakistan is using brutal force, compelling people to vote in election.

The Central spokesman said, a few days ago Pakistan army carried out operations in Pirandar Zeelag, Gazzi, Zoomdan, and other several surrounding areas of district Awaran. Hundreds of civilians were taken into army camp during the operation, and some of them were released on the condition to cast vote in election. A dozen of people were taken into army’s custody in the same fashion in village of Buzdad Gwash and Zand Gwash.

He further stated, those atrocities are not limited to some areas; by the matter of fact, all the Balochistan is facing the same level of atrocities. Similarly these heinous crimes of Pakistan army are continued in several villages of Jahu. Kohdo, Shandi,Doliji,Jalonti,Talari, Kuch, Kangrahi, Badrang, and Nondara are under the intense army operation where men and women are forcibly being shifted into army camps, in order to force them to cast their vote against their will.

The spokesman of BNM also informed that Pakistan Army had carried out military operation in Kohad area of district Kech; 5 people suffered injuries when the military fired mortar shell on civilians. Once again army converted a school into army camp in Alandoor. In many areas army is snatching the National Identity cards of the residents and telling them to they must collect their CNIC at election day and cost their votes; otherwise, if they failed to collect their NIC, and will not cast the vote on the election that individual has to face dare consequences in case fail to cast his or her vote.

The spokesman asserted, we made it clear to Pakistan, Baloch nation has become aware about the reality, and they would not be a part of any Pakistani scheme. That is the reason Pakistan is in state of utter confusion and has turned to violence, and using every mean tactics to intimidate the armless civilians.

The Central spokesman assumed, for an enslaved nation the slogan for election and development are intrigues to strengthen the slavery of the nation. They don’t have any ethical or legal ground for those who are participating in election; in reality, they are supporting the agenda of Pakistan, and are one way or other way are involved in the Baloch genocide. This drama of election is orchestrated by Pakistan to dupe the world. On the other side, to make the world believe that Baloch nation is part of mainstream politics in Pakistan. He added, we consider this is also an attack on the thousands years old tradition of Baloch nation, and a plan to dilute it with Pakistani psychology. Pakistan is also immersed to change the demographic position of Baloch and destroy it completely. But Baloch nation is not oblivious about his responsibilities. Surely, nothing is above than national identity. That is the reason Baloch has rationally rejected Pakistan and aspired for own freedom and liberty. Thousands of Baloch have made sacrifices for this noble cause, this struggle will continue till Pakistan completely withdraws from Balochistan.

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