We condemn the army raid on houses of Qambar and his relatives. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s Central spokesman condemned the army raid on Baloch prominent leader Wahid Qamber’s and his relative’s houses. The security forces raided and took all valuables from the houses. The central spokesman reiterated that state of Pakistan and its army are violating human rights by harassing, arresting and killing the relatives of the Baloch national leaders.

He stated that this was a continuous policy of collective punishment against Baloch leaders. In this regard army has looted and bulldozed the houses, and arrested, tortured and killed the relatives of the pro freedom leaders of Baloch nation. He said, in some cases army evicted the relatives of the leaders from their houses and converted those into army check posts. The spokesman asserted, but Pakistan is acting like naïve and failed to comprehend the fact that Baloch pro freedom leaders would not be intimidated with such cheap tactics; rather, Pakistan is internationally becoming notorious for its barbarities and odd tendencies.

The BNM spokesman maintained, Pakistan is a state that lacks in human dignities and war ethics. Last eighteen years, Pakistan has crossed the all limits of barbarities and cruelties; regardless of all these cruelties, Baloch nation has never backed from its national struggle which is a complete fiasco for state of Pakistan. Contrarily, Baloch nation is inching toward its cherished destination.

The spokesman also lambasted on the upcoming elections and those are contesting for these pseudo elections. He assumed, as the elections are approaching nearer, Pakistan has also surged up the level of atrocities by forcing people to leave their houses, and compelled them to stay near army camp helplessly on open sky. He added, those who are contesting in the so-called election are accomplice of Pakistan in the same crime. Surely they will be held accountable for their crimes before Baloch nation. For their individual gains, they are involved in the war crimes with Pakistan. In deed Baloch nation will never forget and forgive them for centuries to come what they have been doing to them.

The BNM spokesman also appealed to international bodies that they would take immediate notice of atrocities that Pakistan is committing on Baloch nation. He added these atrocities of Pakistan are not only confined to Baloch nation; in fact, Pakistan, with its criminal activities, is sponsoring terrorists, and exporting terrorism though out the world which is a looming threat to the world peace. The Spokesman of Baloch National Movement cautioned, “If immediate initiatives are not taken, Pakistan not only for Baloch nation, but also it would be a hovering threat to entire world.”

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