Army forces people to cast vote. This is insult to the democratic norms. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch expressed his view point regarding the so called 25th July 2018 election in Balochistan. He said, election is a democratic process that is dependent upon the choice of people, either to cast their vote or stay away from electoral process; However, Pakistan Army intimidated Baloch nation, and forced them to cast their votes at gunpoint. This is a stark insult to the democratic norms. He added, Pakistan has once again failed in conducting election in Balochistan. Like the 2013 election boycott, Pakistan, along with its parliamentarian parties, despite of using brutal force and terror, failed to bring Baloch nation into its unlawful election in occupied Balochistan.

BNM leader said, no election has ever taken place in Balochistan; in reality, the Military establishment of Pakistan always imposed some turncoats upon Baloch nation through the so-called process of election. However, in the current wave of national struggle, Baloch nation has completely rejected the parliamentarian system of Pakistan. He explained, with the previous sordid experiences this time Pakistan used its all available traditional and new illegal means of death and destruction for making its electoral process successful in Balochistan; that resulted in the shape of thousands of people lost their lives, and thousands of houses were burnt down. There is no legal, political and democratic credibility of an election that were conducted under the shadow of army’s barbarities and state terrorism. Like 2013 failed election, this time once again some defectors would be declared successful candidates, and a puppet assembly would be formed, that would be directed to assent upon the exploitation of Baloch national wealth and genocide of Baloch nation.

Chairman Khalil Baloch affirm that all election stations were showing a picture of a deserted place, and in many areas army and its collaborators, the members of death squads were forcibly dragging people out of their houses and forced them to cast their votes at barrels of gun.

The BNM chairman also critiqued parties those decided to be part of so called electoral process of Pakistan, “today it is wide open to them that Pakistan is a military run country where army not only uses the might but also forces the people to vote for its cherished and sponsored candidates and parties, and it is immersed in the enslavement of Baloch nation.”

He said: “the media is fully controlled; even in Balochistan media is a rare precious species. International media has completely ignored Balochistan; whatever be the reasons, Baloch nation has been paying a high price for this disinterestedness of international media.”

He said, “there was no legal ground of the election. Pakistan army has shifted people forcibly near army camps, and today they were taken into polling stations and forced to cast their votes. If Pakistan thinks this is a great achievement for it that would be nothing but chasing the mirage.”

Like the 2013 election it will bring forward its puppet candidates into power, as it previously brought National Party into power and accelerated the atrocities and genocide of Baloch nation. But baloch national will never accept them as their genuine leaders and will treat them as their enemies.

Chairman Khalil Baloch also cleared that Baloch nation would remember the election as symbol of atrocities. This was not a solo show of army; rather some parliamentarian political parties for self centric gain were also accomplice of army and intelligence agencies in these war crimes against Baloch nation.

Chairman said, the previous election holds the position of referendum for the Baloch nation, and this election also exposed the true shape of Pakistan occupation of Balochistan. He added, despite the use of force by army, people still refrained from casting their votes, and in polling station the ratio army personals were much higher than number of voters.

Chairman Khalil Baloch stressed, United Nations, other international organizations and civilized countries of the world must clear their policies on Pakistani election in Balochistan, because if they remain silent, Pakistan take horrendous revenge upon Baloch nation for boycotting the election. “those political workers boycotted previous election, they are still enduring tortures in Pakistan cells.” He explained.

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