BNM issues monthly report of July 2018

Baloch National Movement issued the monthly report of July 2018. The report reveals that 87 military operations and raids were carried out by Pakistani security forces; 109 people were enforced disappeared; 43 houses were reduced to aches; army converted 14 schools into military camps and check posts; and a mass grave was recovered in the month of July.

The Central Information Secretary of BNM, Dil Murad Baloch said, “Pakistan Army carried out 87 operations across Balochistan; during army raids and operations 109 person were abducted; dozens of women and children are also included in those abductees.”

The Information Secretary also said that 48 houses were looted, and 43 houses were reduced to ashes during those military operations. 11 persons including two women from Kolwah suffered bullet injuries due to the indiscriminate firing of military and paramilitary troops. In the month of July, 15 dead bodies were recovered; eight of them martyred by Pakistani army, whereas, a mass grave of 4 persons, those bodies were beyond recognition, was discovered in District Panjgur; the reasons of the death of other three bodies were unknown.

Dil Murad said army converted 14 schools and a hospital into to army check posts, and deployed army personnel therein. In the month of July, 34 missing persons were released which included 15 children those were arrested in 2013; similarly, three of released persons were extra judicially whisked away by army in 2016. Among the released persons, one was abducted three years back, and other 15 Baloch, those were released in the month of July, were taken away by security forces in the month of March, April, and June during several operations and raids.

Dil Murad Baloch maintained that Army carried out military operations in various parts of Balochistan: Dasht, Kech, Mand, Tump, Buleda, Zamuran, Hoshab, Gishkor, Kolwah, Awaran, Jahu, Mashkey, Gresha, Kharan, Panjgur, Parom, Balgataar, Lehri, and Sibi with the help of Aerial support and foot forces, and army also destroyed agriculture fields.

BNM information Secretary stated that BNM publishes monthly report and provides all data and statistics in detail. We appeal to human rights organizations that they must visit and analyse the existing ground realities in occupied Balochistan and take immediate notice of human rights violation by Pakistan security forces. State forces are violating human rights on daily basis. However, a complete media blackout causes a humanitarian crisis in occupied Balochistan.

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