BNM holds a conference on 11th August the Balochistan Independence Day

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson in his statement says that BNM will hold a conference in the ocussion of the 11th August 2018 in German city of Frankfurt Order. The purpose of this conference is to highlight the historical significance of the 11th August in Baloch history.

The spokesman invited all Baloch political activists to participate in the event.

The Central spokesman of BNM said that after 108 years of British rule Balochistan became an independent sovereign state on 11th August 1947. Soon after independence Baloch nation formed its democratic parliament, consisted of two chambers which were authorized to legislate in future affairs of state and nation. Within days of independence Baloch nation decided to form a democratic system of government in the country. Meanwhile, India was divided into two countries and Pakistan was created by western powers. Meantime, Pakistan was backed by its western Masters for the occupation of Balochistan. Even though, Pakistan had accepted the sovereign position of Balochistan, and a round of dialogues were going on to diffuse the mutual differences between two states. However, Pakistan, dispatched its military and occupied Balochistan.

The spokesman stated, Baloch nation has never accepted the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan. Actually, from the initial days of occupation Baloch nation’s struggle, going through many ebb and flow, now reached in a point of a strong and full fledged movement.

Despite the cruelties and atrocities of Pakistan, Baloch nation has not went an ich back from its demand for the independence of Balochistan. Though, Pakistan, soon after the occupation of Balochistan, has been immersed in destroying Baloch culture, norms and history, but Baloch aware of their national history and culture, and today Baloch people are associated with national movement across the world.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement said that the conference in Germany is a great source to enlighten and dispense knowledge on Balochistan issue. The spokesman was optimistic that like past this time once again the Baloch German diaspora would enthusiastically participate in the event.

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