BNM held programs in Germany and S. Korea on Balochistan Independence Day

On 11th of August on the occasion of Balochistan Independence Day Baloch National Movement held a conference in German city, Frankfort Oder and a reference program in South Korea where a large number of Baloch political activists participated.

In these events participants shed light on the historical importance of 11th August, and Balochistan's Independence Day.

The speakers in conference and reference program emphasized on the fact that Balochistan had gained its freedom after a long 108 years of struggle against British empire, which is a historical fact. Unfortunately that time the newly created Pakistani state started its conspiracy and occupied Balochistan illegitimately and by force.

Since that day onwards Baloch nation has been struggling against this Pakistani state’s illegal occupation.

11th of August 1947 always reminds us that Balochistan was an independent and sovereign country; However, Pakistani state later occupied Balochistan using military power and made Baloch as its colony.

At the second part of the conference in Germany, BNM activists with the mutual consensus of all BNM members established a five-members committee; the committee was given the responsibility to contact the political leaders, human rights organizations and media persons in particularly in Brandenburg and Berlin in Germany, and make them aware about current political and human rights situations of Balochistan. Furthermore, the committee was assigned to hold programs and submit their monthly reports to party, and accordingly make their future plans.

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