World is not safe from the evil-doings of Pakistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement central spokesman in his statement said that 14th August is not only a black day for the Baloch nation, but it is also a tragic event for the entire world; This day Pakistan was created by dividing India into two halves. The central spokesman said in his statement that Pakistan, since came into being, has been persecuting the oppressed nations, promoting Islamic extremism and providing training to Islamic terrorists. That is the basic reason that the atrocities of Pakistan are not limited to Baloch nation; in reality, this region as well as the world is not safe from the evil-doings of Pakistan.

He stressed that the double face of Pakistan to be exposed before the world. Pakistan is a cancer of the world peace. He added, Pakistan is an unnatural state which is based on extremism and reflexes religious fundamentalism. Pakistan is creating havoc in the world; it has occupied Balochistan with brute force and engaged in sponsoring terrorism in the world.

The BNM spokesman stated, the creation of Pakistan is equal to belie the history, because states are the production of the historical process, whereas Pakistan is not a part of any cultural and historical evolution. In reality it was created to protect the vested interests of few western countries, and that would act as a night watchman for them.

The central spokesman said, Pakistan exploited the situation by occupying Balochistan and killing and genocide of Bengali. A three million Bengalis were indiscriminately killed by Pakistan Army, and world did keep silence in this matter. Pakistan, conversely, believed it as impunity to genocide Baloch nation in the similar fashion. Surly this silence of the world is worth of criticism.

The spokesman explained that soon after its creation, Pakistan occupied Balochistan. But Baloch nation form the first days has resisted the occupation of Balochistan. The Baloch struggle has been started from the revolt of Prince Abdul Karim, and it is going intact toward its destination, despite many ebb and flow in the struggle. Now, the atrocities of Pakistan on Baloch nation have been echoing in different forums of the world; however, the responsible organizations are yet to bring Pakistan before the justice and hold it accountable for its atrocities and crime against humanity on Baloch nation.

The spokesman also said that Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorist organizations, Taliban, Al-Qaida and Daesh-ISIS that caused to the failure of the world to defeat them due to dualistic approach of Pakistan.

The central spokesman of BNM thanked all members of BNM across the world by running a successful social media campaign, by using hastage #14AughustBlackDay in twitter making the world believe that Balochistan is not a part of Pakistan; rather Pakistan occupied Balochistan with use of force; the world should realize this historical position of Balochistan, and help the Baloch nation in their struggle to regain their sovereign state of Balochistan.

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