We pay rich tributes to Martyrs of Awaran. BNM

We pay rich tributes to Martyrs of Awaran. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman has paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Awaran. Four years back, Pakistani security forces martyred seven innocent Baloch, when they were offering their prayers in a worship place. The forces opened fired on the worshipers which resulted in the killing of Bakhtyar Baloch, Naiz Baloch, Mazar Baloch, Allah Bakhsh, Haji Umetaan Baloch, Dad Jan and Saeed Baloch. All of them belong belonged to Zikri sect of Islam. BNM Central spokesman paid rich tributes to the martyrs and said, Pakistani forces martyred them while they were busy in their worship. This is the highest form of state terrorism and barbarities. He added such incident would not discourage Baloch nation; rather, it makes the belief of Baloch people stronger for national struggle of freedom.

The Spokesman of BNM maintained that the purpose of martyring Shaheed Raza Jahangir’s father, and his fellow worshipers was to create a sense of insecurity, fear and brutality in the hearts and minds of the people; so that, people stop supporting Baloch national struggle. However, the estimations of Pakistani security forces have been proven false, and the incident, counter wisely created more support and regards for the movement.

The Spokesman explained soon after 2013 earthquake Pakistan promoted its proxies and religious extremism in the areas, in pretext of rehabilitation programs. The purpose of the Pakistan state was to water religious bigotry in the area which ultimately lead people into internal sectarian violence that would weaken Baloch national struggle. When the people foiled the purported program of Pakistan, in reaction, forces and their proxies attacked the congregations of worshipers in a renowned prayer hall. The attack caused the martyrdom of seven innocent citizens and a dozen suffered mortal injuries. After that the attackers took sanctuaries in nearby army camp.

The BNM spokesman said, Baloch nation has a secular identity; they are distinguished throughout the region for their religious tolerance and fraternity, which is an eye sore for its enemy. Pakistan is a country that destroys cultural values and senses of brotherhood and promote disharmony in the society through permeating religious extremism. The Awaran attack was of similar in nature to promote sectarian violence in the area and fuel the fire of intolerance and extremism. However, Baloch nation is aware of Pakistan’s ambitions, and would not let any evil program of Pakistan to germane here. Pakistan fatally failed in its scheme by martyring worshipers; People still live in harmony and coexistence; Similarly, they are living in state of brotherhood; above all, they have heartily regards for their national struggle.

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