We pay rich tributes to Muhammad Bakhsh Baloch. BNM

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement criticized the dualistic policies of self proclaimed Baloch nationalist parliamentarian parties. He lambasted them, “these so called nationalist parties have become a part of Pakistani parliament, and their stand on Baloch missing persons is tantamount to keep Baloch nation in deception. Now, this became a clear fact that there is no guarantee of Baloch rights and identity in Pakistan. Baloch is a nation with thousands of years old culture, values and land.” He added, “We will continue our struggle against Pakistani occupation.”

The BNM spokesman said, the state atrocities on Baloch nation is conditional with the freedom of Balochistan; it is impossible to stop the abduction, killing and atrocities in state of slavery.

Central spokesman also informed that Mohammad Bakhsh Kalmali, a member of BNM, the resident of Awaran, was whisked away by Pakistan Army before eye witnesses in broad day light in 2015; his mutilated dead body was recovered today in Karachi. This incident exposes the reality of those so-called political parties who claim to work for the Baloch missing person, in within the parameter of Pakistani constitution. The Central spokesman of BNM also paid rich tributes to Mohammad Bakhsh who struggled for the rights of Baloch people in BNM platform for years and sacrificed his life for his people and land.

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