BNM held protests in Germany and South Korea against Pakistani atrocities

Baloch National Movement demonstrated in German city, Hannover and South Korean city, Busan respectively in 1st and 2nd September. The purpose of demonstrations was to highlight the enforced disappearances of Baloch women and children by Pakistani security forces and other law enforcement agencies. Pakistan has intensified the abduction of Baloch women and children for some months.

In this connection the spokesman of Baloch National Movement informed, “A great number of Baloch women and children participated in these demonstrations. The members of BNM made aware the local people about the atrocities of Pakistani forces in Balochistan; they also distributed pamphlets” the participants of the protests were holding placards and banners in which slogan and pictures of Baloch missing person and martyrs were portrayed.

The spokesman also told that Naseer Baloch, the president of BNM South Korean Zone, headed the protest, and a large number of participants were present at the event. He said, the atrocities of Pakistani forces are increasing with every passing day; On the other hand, Pakistan is sponsoring and promoting religious extremism; the whole region has been affected severely by this vicious policy of Pakistan, and this policy has worse impact on the entire world which is destroying international peace. If the world does not take cemented step against Pakistan, and would not help in liberating Balochistan, as result a desire for achieving the world peace would be not less than crying for the moon. USA and its allied forced have invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan but they failed to maintain peace and achieve success. The sole reason of this failure is: Pakistan has become a safe haven of the

terrorists, and these terrorist outfits have the full state patronage.

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