Enforced disappearances and killing of youth in Noshki is state terrorism. BNM

Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement has condemned the killing of a young Baloch, namely Nizam Sasoli s/o Pir Mohammad Sasoli in Noshki Balochistan by Pakistani security forces. Security forces also accepted in media that they have also arrested 11 persons. Pakistani newspaper “Jang”and media houses reported this.

BNM spokesman said that with the setting up of new government, the level of operations and atrocities have intensified in Balochistan; the situation is getting worst with every passing day. It seems impossible for the residents to travel, or even get out of homes. Wherever Pakistani security forces encounter a Baloch, they either term him a terrorist, or kill him or disappear him. Army, despite accepting in media of taking eleven persons into custody, has failed to bring them any court of country. The spokesman expressed his reservation and fear: “we are afraid, that following the past practices they will also go missing for years by holding them in torture cells and later on kill them; Such extrajudicial killing and abduction of people are flagrant violation of human rights.”

The spokesman of BNM said that Baloch nation is facing state terrorism and genocide; hence, religious extremism of Pakistan in the region has pushed Baloch issue in backburner. Pakistan is taking the advantage of this situation and immersed in the genocide of Baloch nation. He added, “Pakistan is also engaged in exporting terrorist into the neighboring countries and whole the region.”

The Spokesman said that in the beginning of this century, during Musharraf era, Baloch activists were abducted and tortured, later on were released. However, when PPP government, Asif Zardari, came in power, a new phase of “mutilated bodies” started in Balochistan; In Nawaz Sharif government and its ally DR. Malik and his party National Party took the reign, Mass graves surfaced in Balochistan; as well as military operations and abduction of people received a new impetus in the same time. Similarly, fake encounter policy was adopted in Balochistan. In the same fashion, Imran Khan and Jam Kamal have continued the old policies; within the short span of two weeks’ time, several Baloch have been enforced disappeared; a BNM’s member dead bodies was recovered at Karachi; martyrdom of a Baloch in Noshki and abduction of several people are the continuation of the same old policies which Baloch nation has been enduring for last seventy years.

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