Monthly report of Pakistan army’s brutalities in Balochistan

Baloch National Movement’s Central Information Secretary Dil Murad has made the monthly report of August 2018. The report statistics reveals Pakistan army did 56 operations and raids in Balochistan and 53 people were illegally detained by forces, and shifted to unknown places in the month of August.

The reports also exposes army looted 84 houses during those military operations, where 14 houses were burnt down into ashes. The monthly report of BNM also confirms 17 mutilated dead bodies were found in the same month; among which causes of death of 10 dead bodies could not ascertained; whereas, one dead body was mutilated and beyond reorganization. In this regard BNM spokesman say, “We fear it might be a dead body of one of those thousands of Baloch missing persons. One dead body was recognized as BNM member Mohammad Bakhsh who was whisked away by Pakistani intelligence agencies in 2015; his dead body was discovered in Karachi who was killed during the detention. Another Baloch Babo Mehrab was enforced disappeared form Pasni on 10th August by security forces; his dead body was found after three days on 13th August.

The report also tells that 24 persons were released in the month of August; among them 8 persons were seized by security forces in 2016; while 4 person were whisked away in 2017, and rest of 12 were abducted in different times in 2018.

The spokesman informed that throughout Balochistan the military operations were intensely continued in the month of August. In Jahoo area of District Awaran 70 families were forced to migrate into other places, and live a life of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The forced migration of the people in Jahoo has been started since 2015.

Dil Murad Baloch said, “The faux of releasing of missing persons is a cheap tactic to divert the attention of the people from the grave situation of Balochistan. The truth is that the state of Pakistan is involved in war crimes in Balochistan. The enforced disappearances of people and killing of them after inhuman torture has become the order of day in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces.

BNM Information Secretary said that the purpose of disclosing the monthly report is to inform the international media and human rights organizations regarding the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan that is the creation Pakistan and its army and other law enforcement agencies.

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