Brutalities of Pakistan Army continue in Kharan for the third day. BNM

Baloch National Movement's Central spokesperson in his statement says that Pakistan Army has been carrying out operation in different areas of Kharan. The brutalities of Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies are continued unabated for last three days in Mullazai Mohalla, WAPDA colony, Qubdani Mohalla and Sheikh Mohalla of District Kharan.

The spokesman said that Pakistan Army was torturing women during the operation. He added that looting and demolition of houses had become a routine practice of security forces.

The spokesman stated that today army raided the house of Maula Bakhsh, and made his wife and three daughters hostage for four hours, tortured them and looted the house. Such flagrant acts are being committed in the majority of the areas of Kharan. Similarly, looting of houses has become a norm for Pakistani forces.

The spokesman stated Pakistan and its army trampling international laws with impunity, and playing a orgy game with the blood of innocent Baloch people. Thousands of people are missing and martyred by Pakistani forces; the looting and burning of the houses and violating the sanctity of houses became a routine case. Regardless of these atrocities the colonial power has failed to subdue the Baloch nation.

The spokesman called international bodies to take notice of ongoing atrocities of Pakistani forces. He stated that the silence of world organizations have provided Pakistan a carte blanche to suppress Baloch people and use of every available atrocious means against people of Balochistan.

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