BNM protests in Greece against Pakistani atrocities

BNM protests in Greece against Pakistani atrocities

Baloch National Movement Central Spokesperson has announced that BNM will protest in Greece against the human rights violation in Balochistan committed by Pakistani security forces.

The Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies are involved in gross human rights violation in Balochistan. The army is whisking away Baloch women and children during military operations in different parts of Balochistan. The recent shrug in the abduction of women by security has created a sense of fear and anger in peoples.

Several incidents of enforced disappearances of Baloch women, their physical torture and sexual harassment have been reported.

The BNM has announced to protest in Greece capital Athens against abductions of women and children.

According to local time the protest will begin at 4PM on November 4th before Greece parliament.

Baloch National Movement has appealed to all Baloch political and other social works to take part in the event.

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