Greece: BNM protests in Athens against Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement says that BNM held a protest in Greece capital Athens on 4th November 2018 against the enforced disappearance of Baloch women and children.

The purpose of this demonstration was to highlight the atrocities of Pakistani forces on international forums that have been committing in Balochistan. Greece based NGO Human rights organization for refugees' members also took part in the event.

The members of BNM Greece chapter Abdul Qadeer Saagar, Mohammad Younus and Meer Jan Kenagi expressed their views to the participants with regards to, enforced disappearance, mass killing and genocide of the people of Balochistan.

The Central spokesman remarked that the Baloch youths are forced to leave their jobs and education uncompleted, come in Greece and other parts of Europe to seek asylum due to ever growing atrocities of Pakistani forces in Balochistan. They further added, Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies are involved in war crimes and violating human rights in Balochistan; thousands of Baloch flee from there and seek asylum in Europe, and hopefully, they will organise themselves as a strong and united diaspora, and play a vital role role in this struggle against Pakistani occupation.

The Central spokesman of BNM also informed that the members of BNM and BSO-AZAD participated in a demonstration in South Korea that was organized by South Korean Refugees Rights Network’s committee “Refugee welcome preparatory Committee”. In which Naseer Baloch, President of BNM South Korean and Hafsa Baloch of BSO-AZAD addressed to the audiences. They informed the participants about Balochistan and Pakistani atrocities there.

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