Savage Pakistan army turns Balochistan into a slaughter house. Khalil Baloch

Savage Pakistan army turns Balochistan into a slaughter. Khalil Baloch

Chairman of Baloch National Movement Khalil Baloch has said that state Pakistan and its army has made Balochistan a hell in ongoing process of Baloch genocide to crush the Baloch movement for the past eighteen years. Thousands of people are disappeared and martyred. Disappeared persons are the biggest wounds of our collective soul, and Balach will never forget this pain.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that struggle of Baloch daughters for their loved ones rescue will always be enlightened in Baloch history. Today Baloch women have proved that atrocities and inhuman brutality & of Pakistan hasn't broken their huge courage but made them more strong. Baloch National Movement honors their struggle & sacrifices of Baloch daughters and is with them in their every step.

He further said that Pakistan had broken all the international laws of human rights and human values on behalf of its rifle. Since 18 years army & it's security agencies are playing with the bloodshed of Baloch. Pakistani state has been abducting our youngsters without any rules & killing them with brutality to dedmit our political workers which is continuously going on but Pakistani state can't dedmit Baloch for its continuous struggle & cause.

Chairman Khalil further said that one side Baloch daughters are struggling to rescue their loved ones in this winter season on the roads to wake up the conscience of humanity and another side Pakistani forces are increasing their brutality of violence like in Pelar area of Jhao abducted a Baloch mother Rozina wife of Rahmatullah including her daughters Asmat , Hafeeza d/o Rahmatullah & father of Rahmatullah who is 70 years old veteran Sheikh Hassan & Uncle Ghulam Muhammad, transferred to army cantonment & Pakistani Army announced publicly that till the husband of this mother won't withdraw or surrender they will be still remained in torture cells. Instead of this widow of Martyr Solaan Baloch & her kids are in Army camp since 2 months in Jhaoo Kohrhoo camp, who is not allowed to go anywhere. Today Pakistani Army & it's security agencies are playing with the honor of Baloch nation in every corner of Baluchistan but human rights organisations & their institutions are silent.

He further said that Baloch daughters are protesting continuously, their tears and slogans are shattering skies but Pakistani media is neither giving them any coverage. Pakistani media is propagating small issues of Pakistan but never gave any response to Baloch causes. Pakistani media is on the same page of Pakistani Army atrocities.

He said that Pakistani brutality is increased so much that on daily basis they are killing, abducting our youngsters, women, veterans, and this is not only for Baloch nation but this is happening to Sindhi & Pashtun nations too and we all are facing the same enemy.

Chairman Khalil said that Pakistani state has given many scars & pains to Baloch nation but still they didn't fall Baloch nation in their mission nor they can do in future. In this war we have given sacrifice of our leadership, sacrificed our loved ones, our houses have been burnt, today a lot of population is migrated to another cities & countries, but Pakistani state has to pay for it because in history the victory is always of truth .

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