Chairman Khalil Baloch’s message on the eve of Human Rights Day

Chairman Khalil Baloch’s message on the eve of Human Rights Day

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Baloch National Movement in his video statement on the eve of International Day for Human Rights applauded the struggle of Baloch women: “ My today’s message is for those brave mothers, sisters, small kids and for elder people of Baloch nation who are protesting in the extreme cold weather of Shal (Quetta) for their loved ones who are enduring tortures in Pakistani torture cells.”

“I am proud of my Baloch nation,” he said. “a terrorist state which is known as Pakistan, for last seventy-two years and specially for last two decades has used its all tactics and strategies to crush Baloch voice and Baloch liberation movement,” He added. “ be it is Pakistan’s regular army, paramilitary forces, security forces ISI and MI thousands of Baloch have been disappeared by them, and have been enduring tortures and thousands of Baloch have sacrificed their lives for the motherland.”

Khalil Baloch added: “today those families whose beloved have been whisked away from their homes, I would not be wrong to state that there is not a single family remained that one of a family member has not been enforced disappeared, still those families are determined for the struggle and feel proud on their martyrs.”

“10th December is the international day for human rights which is initiated by the civilized world, on this eve, I want to state that if this is for the protection of human rights, then the international law bounds the state (Pakistan) to withdraw from such state terrorism.”

BNM Chairman asserted, “Pakistan should morally dare to speak that it has occupied Balochistan before seventy two years, and today the Baloch land is turned into a war zone where a human crisis has emerged.”

“Baloch National Movement for last five years has been making pubic its monthly reports before the world, “He further added. “Baloch National Movement printed out a book tilled as “Brutal Counter insurgency in Balochistan” which is based on the brutalities and terrorism of Pakistan in Balochistan. Monthly reposts which are presented by Pakistan and its own institutions which show details of monthly operations and arrests; even if these statistics are estimated that can be more than the data we present with respect to the Baloch missing persons.”

While commenting of Pakistani prime minster Imran Khan’s recent statement of Baloch missing persons he said: “Today Pakistani prime minister confesses that he had a meeting with Pakistan Army Chief and talked about Baloch issue and accepts that all the missing Baloch persons are in Pakistani torture cells. Then why Pakistan does not has moral courage to accept that Balochistan has been occupied, and Balochistan is a war zone.”

He paid homage to Baloch martyrs and activists those are enforced disappeared, “Baloch leadership including Chairman Ghulam Mohammad, Shaheed Dr. Mannan, Nawab Akbar Kahn, Shaheed Balach Khan, Dr Khalid, Saddu Jan (Marri). Diljan and thousands of other have sacrificed their lives; Baloch leadership in shape of Zahid Jan (Baloch), Zakir Jan (Majeed), Deen Jan (Mohammad), Ghafoor Jan (Baloch) and other thousands of Baloch including women and children are in the Pakistani torture cells.”

He asked to the international originations and stated, “10th December is the International Human Rights Day which Pakistan is insulting, it should be held accountable for this.”

He was determined to say, “Baloch nation will never withdraw from their national freedom movement regardless of their abduction, killing and brutalities.”

Khalil Baloch made it clear to Pakistan, “Baloch nation and Baloch National Movement will accept a free Balochistan, even if it is a graveyard, for the future generations, but they will never accept slavery; this is the decision of Baloch nation and of those brave mothers and sisters.”

He commended the role of Baloch women in national struggle, and said, “I salute those mother and sisters who are resisting Pakistani atrocities and would stand prime and would take their struggle forward; Surly, every Baloch, Baloch National Movement and other freedom loving organizations and people are standing in shoulder with them.”

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