Germany: Two days awareness campaign by BNM in Berlin

Baloch National Movement organized a two day awareness campaign on 15th and 16th December in Berlin, Germany, against thousands of involuntary and enforced disappearances of Baloch political activists, social activists, students, women and children by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. The members of Baloch National Movement Germany zone and other Baloch political activists took part in the two days awareness campaign. The participants distributed leaflets and made aware the local people regarding the worst human rights situation in Balochistan where Pakistan has enforced disappeared thousands of innocent Baloch men and women since Musharraf regime came into power in Pakistan; and more than ten thousands of Baloch have been tortured and killed, and their mutilated dead bodies were recovered in deserted places.

Baloch National Movement run the campaign in an act of solidarity to the families of missing persons who have been sitting in token hunger strike camp of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) in Quetta for last one and half months. The activists of BNM of Germany zone also ran a signature campaign of International Amnesty for the safe release of Baloch Student Organisation Azad Ex Central Information Secretary Shabir Baloch who was abducted by Pakistani law enforcement agencies on 4th October 2016 from Gwarkup Turbat in the eye witness of his family members. Shabir Baloch’s sister Seema Baloch and his wife Zarina Baloch have been protesting for the safe release of Shabir Baloch for a long time in different cities of Pakistan. However their recent sit-in and token hunger strike in Vice for Baloch Missing Persons camp came in the spotlight in social media, which encouraged hundreds other of families of missing persons, and they came in joined them. Once they have lost their hopes after years of wasteful wait for their loved ones those who had been whisked away by Pakistani intelligence agencies and other security forces and let them languishing in their torture cells. The families of Baloch missing persons also carried out rallies, demonstrations and sit-in protests. The families of Baloch missing persons have been demanding the release of their loved ones those who have been abducted by Pakistani security. But Pakistan has remained in state of denial with respect to the issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan. The families of missing persons have been knocking the doors of Pakistan Courts, but Pakistan have been trying to evade the question of Baloch missing person though its inquiry committees and providing false data that show far less numbers of missing persons. Similarly Pakistan has a controlled media and has kept media at a good distance from Balochistan where its intelligence agencies and military are involved in human rights violation; and people are being picked and disappeared on daily basis. As a result the number of Baloch missing persons which includes hundreds of women and children has hiked up to more than forty thousands. Baloch National Movement has been organizing demonstration, protest, rallies, conferences and awareness campaigns against the enforced disappearances of Baloch political and social activists by Pakistani law enforcement agencies.

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