Dishonoring of our elders by Pakistan more exposes our slavery. Dr Murad Baloch

Dr. Murad Baloch, the Secretary General of Baloch National Movement, regarding the atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan, says that Pakistan Army, paramilitary forces and other proxies are involved in undermining human dignity in Balochistan.

Some days before a video clip became viral in social media, in which state sponsored death squad members are forcing an elderly man, Bul Sher, a resident of Mashkay, to hail Pakistan and Pakistan army; on contrary, the old man raises slogan in favor of Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch; for this the state led death squad members torture and dishonor him by throwing away his turban.

In reaction of this disgraceful act BNM Secretary General stated, “dishonoring of our elders makes our slavery more stronger, and such mean of act would further ignite and encourage us against our oppressors.’’

He said, this video clip is not a one percent of Pakistani atrocities, war like tendency and disgrace of humanity, because the daily basis atrocities of Pakistani forces are hidden from the world, and rarely such an incident come in limelight.

This is not the first incident of humiliation with Bul Sher; army has martyred his young son Jalal, made him to leave with lurch by looting his livestock and finally forced him to leave his ancestral village; still nothing could made him weaken to surrender before atrocities of Pakistan.

Dr Murad Baloch said same like the forceful occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan, in the same fashion Pakistani culture is being promoted with the barrel of guns. The reality is that heart and mind cannot be won with the use of power. Baloch nation has its own unique identity and culture, and far distant from Pakistani culture and traditions. Such state by making Baloch nation a slave and demeaning them is an act of utter shame. For this every conscious individual, international organizations and civilized world should take concrete measures against it.

He said that Baloch is a vigilant nation and would not deviate from making any sort of sacrifice. This heart wrenching incident of Mashkay where an old man was dishonored, is unacceptable for Baloch nation. People like Bul Sher would not be subdued with point of gun; instead they praise their national leaders such as Allah Nizar. One every time can expect such demeaning and cheap act from Pakistan, but the changing policies of world in connection with Pakistan is incomprehensible.

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